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Around the world in 22 days

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medal 6369
10 days ago
Come join us for evening races in North America. 
We have many spots open in pro
Come join our very strong Elite field and test your self against some very good Managers. 
We are ranked 11th in league ranking thread. League Rankings
We also have team racing to added to the fun and competition in the league. 

Around the World in 22 Days

MTWTFSS at 00:00
50% race distance igp-car 1 car per team 2.0x race speed
See league
medal 6369
3 days ago
Race time is just two and a half hours out. 
So if you looking for a very competitive league at around this time then come join us
All three levels are active
medal 6369
1 day ago
New season starts in two days, we are on our in between season break. 
No better time than now to join this very competitive league
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