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Youth academy

Have you signed anyone from it since it got reworked?

61.54% (24)
38.46% (15)
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medal 5423
13 days ago
Has anyone signed a driver from the youth academy since they changed it?

If so what were they like?
If not, why? Too expensive? No-one good enough? Forgot it existed?

Mine is upgraded to level 19 and the best driver I've seen is T20 at 184cm.
medal 5123
13 days ago
I run 2 teams and so far have signed 4 lvl 20 drivers between 185cm and 189cm and 2 lvl 20 CDs and 2 lvl 20 TD’s.  All are on very low wages  Drivers will last at least 10 seasons and staff 20 so very happy with changes 😁
medal 5092
11 days ago
I have. They're P1 and P2 after 6 races.
medal 5334
7 days ago
i have 2 fast drivers even though i paid 50 tokens they are definetly the worth for the money
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