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Saturday 100 - Season Ending

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medal 5181
11 days ago
Greetings managers.

Saturday 100

MTWTFSS at 19:00
100% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 1.5x race speed
md-lock See league

Saturday 100's 26th Season is ending. We are only accepting teams to join by 8pm tonight, afterwhich the league will close joining for 3 weeks. If you wish to join after today, feel free to join any free spots available from the 12th of December, when the League's Grace Period ends.

Saturday 100 runs 100% race distance, at 1.5 speed with two cars per team, with an extremely competitive league.

We aim for next season to run Two-Tyre Rule, Fastest Lap Point and Refuelling Ban. (This will be confirmed on the 26th of November if they are in effect)

If you are interested in joining us every Saturday at 8pm then feel free to join. 
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