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League rules rollout

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medal 5172 CEO & CTO
2 years 85 days ago
Hi everyone, the league rules update is now ready, but it’s going to take a few weeks to roll out in three stages:

  1. Upgrading our servers to support league rules (in progress now)

  2. Releasing a mandatory app update (soon)

  3. Releasing league rules to the game UI (after sufficient numbers have the updated app)

There were several reasons for delaying this update as much as we have. There is some positive news behind the delays which I look forward to sharing at the appropriate time. We also tried to avoid the need for a mandatory app update, which proved harder in practice than in theory. It wasn’t worth the extra time to keep pursuing that idea. Several UI changes are unavoidable with this update, for example: the ability to set stint length in laps will be a new feature in league rules. Such changes go much deeper than the surface and make backwards compatibility a real challenge. Eventually, we settled on a mandatory app update as the cleanest solution with the best user experience.

As the app update is released, likely in a few weeks, I will be able to give a specific date for switching league rules on. We know this is one of the most hotly demanded updates and we thank you for your patience during this development process.
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