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Extreme Series.

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31 days ago (Last edited by Archie Bald 25 days ago)

medal 5384
27 days ago (Last edited by Archie Bald 8 days ago)
Extreme series season one starts 9th of May 2022, 10.30PM BST (11.30PM CET).

The format has piqued the interest of top managers in the game with many signing up for the first season, notably Gian Pisanu, Frenk Legend, Lorenzo Crozio and many more (all tempted out from live racing retirement) for season two.

What you need to know 👇


Extreme Series

MTWTFSS at 21:30
75% race distance igp-car 1 car per team 2.0x race speed
See league

Please note: This is Elite racing only. NO rookies or pros.
medal 5208
12 days ago (Last edited by Archie Bald 11 days ago)
Confirmed line up for S1

1. Chris Pi (Mclaren) 
2. Mohamed Ilmi (Aston Martin)
3. Joshua Brown ( Brabham)
4. James Sargent (Williams)
5. Zakariya Debbache (Mercedes)
6. Massi~Max Pel (Alpha tauri)
7. Maahir Subhani (Ferrari)
8. Dave Watts (Caterham)
9. Rhys James (Porsche)
10. Ghost~Gus O’lean (Renault)
11. Philip Macey (Alpine)
12. Gerard VC (Alpha Romeo)
13. Brett Roach (Toyota)
14. Martin Fox (Jaguar)
15. Archie Bald (Racing Point)
16. Yousuf Azadzoi (Honda)
17. Atsuni Haibara (BMW)
18. Cameron Pollock ( Arrows)
19. Kevin Bissell (Brawn)
20. Ethan Munir (Haas)
21. Crazy Base (Minardi)
22. Billy Oikonomidis (Tyrrell)
23. Alex Capeta (Bugatti)
24. Fran Alba - PacMan (Benetton)
medal 5617
11 days ago
Oh k

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8 days ago
S2 begins in just over two weeks. Spaces might fill up quicker than you anticipate.

Get on the waiting list today 👉 PM in game or on discord at Archie Bald#0001
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