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No points in driver stats after win

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medal 5279
114 days ago
Was hast du versucht zu tun?
My second driver Button won his debut race and finished the second race 4th or 5th. In his stats there is a win and fastest lap, but still 0 points. In the drivers ranking there are the points.

Was ist stattdessen passiert?
See above

Passierte das Problem, während du W-Lan, Mobile Daten oder beides genutzt hast?

Ist dieser Fehler in der App, auf dem PC oder bei beidem aufgetreten?

Welches Gerät?
Laptop and Mobile

Welches Betriebssystem?

Auf welcher Version ist dein Betriebssystem?

Welches Betriebssystem ist auf deinem PC?

In welchem Browser ist der Fehler aufgetreten?
All of then

Kann der Fehler wiederholt werden?
Still no points after race 2 with points finishes

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medal 5138
114 days ago
Points scored are broken for both drivers and teams. I have scored 508 since when I joined my current league but currently stats say 468. I think it didn't work for some day and now does not work properly in 2 car leagues.

(And I am not talking about championship counter which is broken since when I joined this game in june 2021)
medal 5182
114 days ago
Check your race results. Are you disqualified?
medal 5279
113 days ago
No. Just see for yourself. My driver Button-Fisichella has a win to his name in his driver stats and currently 4 points. Place 8 from yesterdays race is added to his points. 
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