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Scheduled Maintenance: 26 Feb @ 10:00 - 14:00 GMT

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medal 5118 CEO & CTO
1 year 111 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 1 year 110 days ago)
At this time we will be performing some upgrades to back-end services. It will require downtime for the game and so there will be a maintenance message displayed during this period.

Any races occurring from 09:00 to 12:00 GMT will be postponed to allow time for setups and to join the race viewer.

Once the maintenance message has disappeared, the service should resume as normal.
medal 5118 CEO & CTO
1 year 110 days ago
The maintenance period has been extended until 14:00 GMT. All races ocurring up to that time have been postponed to the next calendar slot.

The game will remain online this time, there is no need for a new maintenance window message.

This was not part of the original schedule, but there have been some unforeseen obstacles to rolling this out smoothly. There is a simple process normally used for this kind of back-end upgrade which did not work, so we had to go through a much more manual route to perform the upgrade.
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