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Hall of Fame Season 34 - Reputation Rollback/Reset

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medal 5172 CEO & CTO
1 year 72 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 1 year 72 days ago)
Due to discrepancies in reputation with the current Hall of Fame season, tomorrow we will be rolling back every manager's reputation to what it was on 28th February 2023, then performing the usual end-of-season reset on those values again, effectively restarting season 34.

This means the Hall of Fame for March will run only from the 15th to the 31st. Any reputation gains between 1st March and 14th March will be erased.

The reason we will roll back and not include any gains made in the interim is that these gains have been made with unbalanced reputation levels for all managers, resulting from discrepancies in the March reset. E.g. some will have gained more reputation than they should have by virtue of starting with lower reputation than expected and so on.

We have been investigating this issue and believe it was caused by a combination of factors. The first was a database upgrade and migration took place at the end of February, and overlapped with the reset. The second factor is changes to files following the engine manufacturer update. A combination of these events seems to have caused a perfect storm.

If anything like this happens again, we now have the necessary tools and experience to repair it within 24 hours next time around.
medal 5172 CEO & CTO
1 year 72 days ago
The reputation reset will occur at midnight (GMT) or at the end of the day and the start of the 15th March. This will ensure a more balanced and equal impact on all leagues, as season resets normally occur at midnight on the 1st.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
medal 5172 CEO & CTO
1 year 71 days ago
The reputation rollback and season reset are now complete.
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