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less lower staff and driver, transfer market

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8 days ago (Last edited by Quick Chris 3 days ago)
1) Expanded transfer market. On a new additional page on the transfer market, you can hire new additional employees such as trainers or a personnel manager.
Once you have hired them, you will receive better applications and better young talents.
2) With the hired personnel manager and trainer, an additional possibility of advertising investment is activated in the canteen and the training centre.
In 25,000 steps you can set the advertising investment from 0 to 500,000.
3) If both are set to max, you have a better chance of attracting young talent and new applicants. With applicants, you always get the appropriate max. level.
With young talents, there is always at least one with talent 30.
And you can get more 4,5 stars staff or more 4,5 stars driver in the normal transfer market. Less lower staff and less lower drivers are gone for the moment with advertising investment. 
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