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Talent 30

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1 year 0 days ago
So nearly 3 months have passed since the new level update and I haven’t had 1 T30 driver in my headquarters. What’s up? Haven’t I spent money on the game so I’m being victimised? 
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359 days ago
Gib cash fool...

To your youth academy!

For the low low price of a level 20 Youth Academy you get a ≈3%* chance per 2 day cycle of having at least 1 T30 driver appear in your academy.

Don't have the cash? No problem!

For a limited time you can try our new program "get gud" at no extra cost!

*Data sourced from a single individual's experience and is guaranteed to not be accurate yet. Access to accurate data requires a premium subscription to my only fans where I post spreadsheets of iGP data I've manually recorded to basically make the game so easy to not be fun at all.

In all seriousness though. It's a lot harder to find T30 drivers right now and I wish it would always be this way. More fun imo
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