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teams gap (lvl 30)

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150 days ago
i play since May 26, 2018 to iGP manager, more or less without interruption, I'm noticing the scary difference in height that has been created by climbing the limit (engines, riders etc.) from 20 to 30.
Before there was a certain balance and if I went up in Elite with a team lvl 14 I could play with lvl 20; Now I find myself racing with Team LVL 27, Level 30 drivers: it's frustrating! The gap is huge! I write with this team that in 15/20 days it becomes level 30 and I will be able to fix the weakness of the engine, even the lvl 28 against me will be penalized.
In my opinion, two things are needed:
1 - a further category after Elite, a sort of Legends or whatever you want to call it, to decrease the gap and increase the longevity of the game that I think has been reduced because many abandon frustrated.
2 - redesign the balance of the game, not thinking only about Tokens (read money that some, including me, spend on the game).
I expect the usual criticism, but I hope for a constructive confrontation.
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145 days ago
You should put this in the suggestions forums so that it gets seen by other people plus mods and admins. But I totally agree with you, I am so far behind the best managers in my league and it is frustrating being stuck down around 17th place for both of my drivers. 
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