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Inconsistent driver qualy time

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medal 5071
118 days ago
Hello all,

Trying to crush the numbers of racing in IGP and I came across some results that I can't really explain, so I come here to ask if you guys have witnessed the same things.

Using qualifying time for the comparison as error are deactivated during qualifying.
At the same time, same track, same tyre compound, multiple "identical" drivers run for qualifying.
(By "identical" I mean different drivers with the same stats.)

Some drivers are faster and some are slower than the others up to 0.4s/lap.


Day 1:
Track : Japan
Tyre : Soft
Driver 1 time : 1:38.423
Driver 2 time : 1:38.886
Driver 3 time : 1:38.425
Driver 4 time : 1:38.392

Day 2:
Track : Japan
Tyre : Soft
Driver 1 time : 1:38.418
Driver 2 time : 1:38.858
Driver 3 time : 1:38.440
Driver 4 time : 1:38.429

Day 3:
Track : Japan
Tyre : Hard
Driver 1 time : 1:39.613
Driver 2 time : 1:39.674
Driver 3 time : 1:39.606
Driver 4 time : 1:39.667

Day 4:
Track : Malaysia
Tyre : Soft
Driver 1 time : 1:42.319
Driver 2 time : 1:42.265
Driver 3 time : 1:42.260
Driver 4 time : 1:42.284

1) Day 1 vs day 2 :
Qualy timing from one day to an other is very consistent confirming error in qualifying are turned off.

2) Day 1 and Day 2:
Driver 2 is consistently slower than the others.
Does drivers have disliked track ?

3) Day 1, 2 and 3
Japan is the favourite track of driver 1 but he is not faster than the other drivers.
Is favourite track turned off for qualifying ?
Is favourite track a scam all together ?

4) Day 1 and 2 vs day 3
Driver 2 slower on soft and on par with hard compare to other drivers.
Invalidate disliked track assumption.
Does drivers have favourite/disliked tyres ?

5) Day 1 vs Day 4
Driver 2 is not slower with soft tyre on an other track.
Invalidate favourite/disliked tyres assumption.

Does anyone have an idea on why Driver 2, in Japan, with soft tyre, is slower than the other drivers ?

I have many other trials that tends to show the same things :
Qualifying time at x track with y tyre for z driver is faster/slower for no apparent logical reason.
medal 5372
118 days ago
Hi Liam,

There is a phenomenon called 'Qualifying Split' where some drivers are faster/slower by as much as 0.5s on various tracks such as Japan.

No one knows the reason or rather there is no official reason for why it happens.

Your results were probably skewed by this phenomenon since your test track was Japan.
medal 5071
118 days ago
I haven't found anything on "qualifying split" on the forum. Would you have some thread discussing it ?

I happened to pick Japan because it is the last test I have done, but I have seen this phenomenon on most of the tracks.
I still have to double check some results but so far 17 out of the 25 tracks have it in some way or an other.

What is really strange is that it is tyre and driver dependent.
For exemple USA I have close quali time (less than 0.1s difference) for all tyres and all drivers except 1 driver on soft that is 0.4s quicker than the others.
medal 4979 Community Manager
118 days ago
Hey Liam,

Unfortunately without race id we can’t check.
medal 5071
118 days ago
Hi José,

Race id : 64744214
It correspond to day 2 in first post.
I don't have the others as the results are older.
medal 5071
116 days ago
Another exemple :
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