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medal 5073
4 years 141 days ago
After tokens reduced my Teams economy will be like this (more less)
In my opinion income is low,
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Thanks in advance.
medal 5033
4 years 141 days ago
Agreed, i'm losing money as in real life:P
We already have this problems in real life, let us be rich here. We were getting 5 tokens by race with our best sponsor, now it's 3.
Maybe we can make it difficult in the low tiers, but once in elite, we are elite, sponsors love us and they want to give us a lot of money to have a little place in our car. :P
We had big problems in beta, after the adjustment, those problems were less important but still there. i went to red numbers really quick in beta, then, after the adjustment i could breath for like a week and back to red numbers.
We still need you to adjust this, or is this meant to be a problem?
medal 5404
4 years 140 days ago
No matter what you do in Elite money goes away ... it would be better to review it, because to continue like this I will have to stop playing. Gain race and still have a loss!
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