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Financial problems

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medal 5155
4 years 17 days ago
I think this is broken, I mean in the league "Racing Fans Unite" for the Rookie tier I got a 1-2(not meaning to brag but that is important information) in a race(9/6/16's Australian race) and had only 1 extra driver being 224K now the thing that doesn't make sense is I didn't do anything except train and race for today but I lost 485K that race I don't think that should be correct and doubt it's a bug. Now it maybe a bug with the objective only giving one even if it's 2 passing but in what igp world should it be that in a 15 player field each having 2 cars that a 1-2 finish leaves a player in the red for the race? It doesn't make sense that we would need to use tokens when we get the best 2 spots and have the best money revenue sponsor just so we aren't in the red while using 2 cars. This is something that I don't think is a bug but I suggest it be fixed as tokens should be used when you're doing bad and need them not when you do the best possible and still don't have "ends meet."
medal 5184
4 years 17 days ago
Considering that your staff's salary is only 1$ each, that really sounds weird.

I estimate your expenses at about 1560k (considering you got to most expensive supplier package)

What do you get from your sponsors ?

Did you hire someone ?
medal 5307
4 years 17 days ago
well upon looking at my own finances I realize that it may need a look at anyway but then again this could be due just to my own stupidity of not thinking any better I did not hire anyone before a race and look at what I will get from sponsors and even if I get my race goal it might only barely cover the wages I pay out let alone the cost of the car and any other headquarters objects I buy
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