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3 drivers

Is it a good idea to have 3 legendaries drivers (street , wet and racecraft) to maximaze your chances of victory ???

29.27% (12)
70.73% (29)
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medal 5932
264 days ago
What do you think ???
medal 5394
264 days ago
2 drivers is already too difficult, now there are 3 drivers?
medal 5232
261 days ago
If you can afford it and the league you are in allows it, sure. But many competitive leagues specifically say not to do this and it would be very costly for very little benefit.
Just run racecraft every race, it's never bad.
medal 4892
261 days ago
I agree with Rhys.

Actually if your driver does'nt have "Racecraft" when starting races, especially online... your driver is being overtaken by everyone and there isn't much u can do about it.

Driver's fav tracks can also ruin your plans.

Today all players play with "racecraft" it'snt for not

Example :
I tried streets circuits with my driver "Fav track Monaco"
Qualify P4.. After 1 lap -8 positions.. race ruined.
Even a 3 year old child behind me at the start would've overtaken my Driver easily.

HF guy 

medal 5752
255 days ago
I would take it a step further and have 6 drivers, 2 for each ability. Takes a lot of money to maintain that though — I have had 6 drivers on my team at one point for several months.
medal 4963
252 days ago
Way too expensive, and it doesn't really have much of an effect
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