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Advanced strategy

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medal 5117
247 days ago
Was hast du versucht zu tun?
Viewed race in 3rd person

Was ist stattdessen passiert?
Raceviewer shows me directly in the pit lap lap 55/61, but lap view shows me lap 51 for pitstop. Quite strange difference! Besides stint length were planned completely different and Team finished with about 12 Liters to much within a stint of 12 laps? A total game failure! I don’t know what happened here? 🤷‍♂️

Passierte das Problem, während du WLAN, Mobile Daten oder beides genutzt hast?

Ist dieser Fehler in der App, auf dem PC oder auf beiden Plattformen aufgetreten?

Welches Gerät?

Welches Betriebssystem?

Auf welcher Version ist dein Betriebssystem?

Kann der Fehler wiederholt werden?
How the f… I should know

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medal 5108 Super Mod
247 days ago
Hello Braumeister.

Sorry but I don't really understand what you are reporting here.

If I understand correctly, you were allowing your account to run offline and spectating with a second account, and the lap count was displayed incorrectly. Is that correct?

As for the fuel, its impossible for me to confirm but viewing your race report you should be able to see how much fuel you added to the car and how much fuel you were consuming per lap. The most likely explanation would be that you either over fuelled the final stint, or your other stints ran a lap extra compared to what you planned.
medal 5117
246 days ago
While I was watching, I was shown lap 55 of 61, the car drove into the pits (live). At the same time, the stint overview showed me the 51st lap for the pit stop. The remaining amount of fuel also spoke in favor of the original default setting. I asked around and one colleague said he had the same problem. with him stop with 6 laps difference from the default setting.
medal 5000 Super Mod
246 days ago
It's very confusing trying to understand what you are reporting. I think it's a language barrier, so please can you raise a report in your native language on the German sub-forum and a German Mod will deal with your query.

Thank you.
medal 5108 Super Mod
246 days ago
Hello again.

Kevin's advice might be a good one.

I'm aware on an issue where the lap counter in the race viewer can fall out of sync with the race. As far as I know the cause of this can be a poor connection, and will correct if you leave and re-enter the race.

For the fuel, I don't understand the problem at all.
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