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Youth Academy

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9 days ago
It wiil be nice that you can see in your Youth Academy special ability for your young drivers, and other and other abilitys from drivers. For now you can just see what Talent it is. 
I think that is not good because its my Youth Academy and I would like to see all abilitys from my young driver beffore i buy him.
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8 days ago
That's where scouting comes in handy. I'm not that far of in the game yet so I don't know how it works but when I look at transfers everything is laid out for you. I'm not sure if that's intended. Maybe they've been tested on track so you know them as a driver but for new up in comers haven't seen a single circuit in there life. But even that no one in there life got picked up by a team who randomly just walks around on the streets. They have to have some sort of experience on track in 1 way or another. Plz Devs fix this issue 
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