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Driver price decreasing

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medal 5028
4 days ago
What the title says. The more I train my drivers and they increase in level, the lower starting price on auction. Is this normal? Seems like the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to happen (ie raise in skill = raise in value).
medal 5302 Super Mod
3 days ago
Hi Tudor

I've run a short test on this and can't replicate, I trained a driver up 2 rating levels and the price is identical to before I started training.

What I have observed is similar drivers having different selling prices.

Is it the case that you have actively watched a drivers selling price while training, or is it more that you have two drivers at different levels of training but the higher trained driver is being sold for less?
medal 5028
3 days ago (Last edited by Tudor C 3 days ago)
Hi Craig,
Thanks for checking this. I’ll post below the ratings of all 3 drivers and the auction price once two of them actually get out of the auction - since I can’t see it for them right now. Then once either one of them goes up a rank, which I wouldn’t expect to take too long, will update the thread so I can see as well if my mind is playing tricks on me or not.

Edit: just for me to understand, expected behavior (and I think I read this somewhere) is that the auction price remains unchanged no matter how much you develop a driver?

Diaz rating 11 10mil
Rodriguez rating 13 3,6mil
Martin rating 12 6,8mil
medal 5028
19 hours ago
Can confirm, the price stays the same. Still weird but not *as* weird as if the decrease were to take place.
Thanks for checking!
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