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medal 5086 CEO & CTO
5 years 29 days ago (edited 5 years 29 days ago)
29 September 2016

• Change Driver & Staff name & nationality
• Design balancing system and Technical Director’s report
• Fuel data from practice laps
• Race viewer quality setting for lower-spec machines
• Doctor impacts driver health during training.
• Circuit data dialog containing lap records and manager history at circuit.
• Race objectives on home page when go to race buttons appear.
• Search the forum.

• Dynamic Level XP from races.
• Re-balanced sponsor incomes to increase likelihood of profit for all teams
• Reduced cash cost of “buy now” on drivers and staff to 50% of driver/staff value. It was previously more expensive than placing a bid, but is now much cheaper.
• Raised level cap for drivers and staff by +1, making it possible for a level 12 manager to sign a level 12.99 driver, for example, whereas previously they could only sign up to level 11.99. (we store skills as decimals on the back-end, even if they are displayed as whole numbers on the front-end). This change means all managers are now a level closer to level 20 managers.
• Increased setup impact on lap times.
• Removed driver atrophy (skill decline over time)
• Added 'ESC' key support to close dialogs and menu.
• Added support for saving viewer settings.
• Relegation zone line was grey, now red.
• Added Forum link to menu in-game.
• Better formatting on mobile portrait view for public website and forum
• Added background image for public website and Forum.
• Removed training level cap for drivers and set progress at 1% when overall crosses level cap.
• Removed promotion and relegation lines in tiers where they don't apply on standings.
• Removed Merchandise row from Finances table as it is not currently used.
• Added reputation to Manager page and descriptions of level / reputation.
• Improved check if a race is ongoing to be isolated to its tier within the league. This should prevent numerous scenarios and issues caused by any tier taking longer to complete.
• Added wage column to transfers.
• Reorganised layout of Cars page to improve clarity.
• Added support for ordered and unordered lists to forum.
• Enabled Password change dialog even when Facebook is connected to the account.
• Changed engine restock countdown to countdown to 1 instead of 0.
• Added tooltips to staff page displaying driver and staff roles clearly.
• Private leagues in the Spectate dialog no longer provide a spectate link.
• Changed default size of race viewer popup window from 800x600 to 1024x768.

• Fixed cases where recommended setup wasn't faster.
• Fuel economy now taken into account when deciding when to pit (before this, drivers would sometimes pit a lap early)
• Update balance on auction/buynow victory.
• Fixed auction countdown not starting.
• Fixed bid button being disabled with buy now if there weren't enough tokens to buy now.
• Fixed league select showing full leagues.
• Fixed home page join league message not showing if user had previous races.
• Fixed password protected league pages not being accessible.
• Fixed alignment of some national flags to avoid display issues.
• Fixed connection loss on bidding after timeout.
• Fixed design level cap being incorrect in some cases.
• Fixed driver & staff auctions not always awarding seller.
• Fixed YDA promotion sometimes not working.
• Fixed YDA sometimes not generating drivers.
• Fixed YDA facility having scout button enabled when full.
• Fixed league join button showing the option to join a league when it's full.
• Fixed comments on news articles not linking to correct path on server for user profiles.
• Fixed profile picture uploads not working
• Fixed tooltips not fitting on screen on mobiles.
• Fixed news of league calendar reset only being posted in last tier to finish.
• Fixed Training level 20 stamina reverting to level 1 in some cases.
• Fixed unusual driver health values post-race
• Fixed navigation bar show/hide on mobile devices causing a slight jump in the scroll position of the home page at
• Fixed next season designs not respecting chief designer strength/weakness.
• Fixed "Testing 123" and "Fix it" achievements not being awarded.
• Fixed engine stock rate for single car leagues.
• Fixed full-size profile pictures being used in places reducing memory footprint
• Fixed ability to sign drivers higher than manager level if free-agents.
• Fixed trees not having shadows at Spain.
• Fixed support for teams with more than 10 notes from legacy iGP.
• Fixed Facebook profile photo overriding uploaded one in live auction / bidding display.
• Fixed comments on news articles.
• Fixed race speed not being applied to league races
• Fixed promotion and relegation lines showing erroneously on Elite and Rookie tiers repsectively at the start of a new season.
• Fixed strategies for 2nd driver showing when there is no second driver
medal 5086 CEO & CTO
4 years 319 days ago (edited 4 years 319 days ago)
13 December 2016


  • Added 'Transaction history' dialog to Finances page.
  • Added new skills tooltip on transfers.
  • Added season selection and tier seleciton to standings page.
  • Added improved research system including new research dialog and layout of cars page.
  • Added YouTube bbcode tag support to forum.
  • Added automatic refresh to the web app after a race has completed.
  • Added background music and SFX.
  • Added tyre condition to practice data.
  • Added current weather and practice results shortcuts to 'Home' page.
  • Added option to use beta viewer before release as a stable build to 'Settings' page.
  • Added notifications for league comments
  • Added 'Transaction history' logging for bidding.
  • Halved the ‘Buy Now’ fee for the buyer when manager sells entity.
  • Increased level cap by 1 when bidding.
  • Increased fuel economy attribute impact by 300%.
  • Halved the impact of acceleration, braking, downforce, and handling attributes.
  • Increased rate of driver health depletion during race.
  • Health depletion rate is now scaled to the race length so the depletion rate should be consistent for all scales (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%).
  • Driver stamina level now has a larger impact on health depletion rate in race.


  • Formatting and styling improvements across the game, including a new highlight effect on clickable table rows.
  • Re-added shortlist button for own drivers.
  • Removed reputation filter from league browser to broaden options displayed.
  • Improved Transfers page algorithm to guarantee some high level drivers and staff.
  • Weather now updates in real-time on try setup button after a practice run.
  • Improved image loading on most pages/dialogs to prevent "popup" / jumping effects.
  • Added national flag to race page.
  • Made league links on profile dialogs close the dialog to load the page.
  • Improved Transfers page to display equal numbers of TD, CD, DR staff.
  • Improved language for win objective (was "Finish 1st or above" now "Win the race").
  • Minor forum formatting improvements.
  • Increased training speed above level cap (+1 level = 3%, +2 levels = 2%, +3 or more levels = 1%).
  • Research balancing now scales impact to manager level, helping lower level teams remain competitive in a more balanced fashion.
  • Disabled Research "Review" button on Cars page when not in a league.
  • Added alert when attempting to save setup after preparation lock notifying of failure.
  • Added message for between seasons to home to avoid blank page.
  • Added on/off toggles for audio to team create and settings page.
  • Manager profile pictures on mail now link to profile.
  • Improved accuracy of fuel predicitons on race page.
  • Improved balance of cash investments to weight towards better value on high token spending.
  • Improved Quality setting wording.
  • Improved checkbox performance and increased size for iOS devices.
  • Improved 'League update' mail to send each manager personalised race start time instead of GMT+0 race time to avoid confusion.
  • Improved Facebook account creation to redirect to teamCreate page rather than logging in immediately
  • Improved team creation screen to appear without the need for an additional interaction during registration (previously users could be sent back to the login screen if they accidentally clicked outside the registration dialog).
  • Improved information on contact page and removed obsolete helpdesk link.
  • Replaced "KERS" with "Boost" in commentary message.
  • "DRS now permitted" in commentary message is no longer shown when track is wet.


  • Fixed several issues with Youth Academy (Scout greying out after single use. Promote not working on newly scouted drivers without re-opening the dialog).
  • Added filter check to ensure appropriate name length on driver/staff rename.
  • Fixed full leagues showing if none are found matching filters.
  • Fixed promotion and relegation zones not showing correctly on Rookie and Elite before the first race of a season.
  • Fixed mails sent to notify managers of league changes.
  • Fixed local user seeing Facebook profile photo in place of an uploaded one when placing a live bid.
  • Fixed tracking of tyre compound from qualifying.
  • Fix to days listed on league select for certain timezones.
  • Fixed league edit page showing wrong days selected for hosts in certain timezones.
  • Fixes to notification mail of league schedule changes.
  • Fixed erroneous penalty warning for 10% balance loss when changing leagues.
  • Fixed issue on cars page where livery builder button was obscured by the car livery.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistencies on the key and arrow colours used on the research dialog.
  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes not post race results
  • Fixed (prevented) ability to save setups after preparation is locked.
  • Fixed some scenarios where profile pictures could crash the live race viewer
  • Fixed issues with bidding when switching between multiple accounts on one machine
  • Fixed logout button not working after logging in with an iGP Manager account.
  • Fixed bug with logins when not in a league.
  • Fixed password recovery form not working in some cases
  • Fixed bug where save action wouldn't work when initialising app on the page where save takes place.
  • Fixed small Tokens buttons selecting wrong default product on checkout page sometimes
  • Fixed next race page link on menu being broken between seasons.
  • Fixed TD & DR not showing on Team page.
  • Fixed fuel/tyre columns on practice table not being wide enough for some browsers to show full value.
  • Fixed forum and shop sharing notifications on the menu
  • Fixed Italy car orientation on track (cars facing backwards / sideways)
  • Fixed plus/minus buttons getting stuck incrementing values on certain mobile browsers.
  • Attempted fix for contract expiry notifications not showing - extended to 3 races before expiry.
  • Fixed league race times inverting from PM to AM on leagueEdit page in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed initialisation URLs which would crash on load, such as URLs including hashtags
  • Fixed Facebook login if permissions were not provided returning to a blank page - now sends back to app.
  • Fixed glitch where music would come on after registration when user selected 'off' during team creation.
  • Fixed practice dialog bug where times wouldn't show at all.
  • Fixed issue where qualifying would run late, sometimes not finishing until 1-2 minutes before the race start.
  • Fixed a rare bug where races were not being started.
  • Fixed a rare bug where race results were not posted.
  • Fixed a bug where, during a race, the health of a driver with level 20 stamina decreased only very slightly or even increased slightly!
  • Fixed a bug where bids sometimes disappeared.
  • Fixed a rare bug where auctions didn’t end when countdown timer reached 00:00.
  • Fixed a bug whereby sometimes display pictures weren’t showing for Facebook users.

medal 5086 CEO & CTO
3 years 110 days ago (edited 3 years 110 days ago)
This changelog was previously abandoned but will now be maintained again going forward. This post contains all updates from June 8th 2018 to July 10th 2018 along with a couple of noteable updates from shortly before that.

10 July 2018
The changes coming after this will be much more exciting, as we complete all the projects we've been working on. This month we're mainly looking at bug fixes and improving the stability of the service, and this is reflected in the updates that have come recently.


  • Added system for calculating car designs when changing leagues.

  • Pruning of inactives from Pro and Elite (inactives kicked from Rookie after 30 days, Pro after 60 days, Elite after 90 days).

  • Deployed new and much more powerful servers to handle loads at peak times

  • Added car to manager profile dialog.

  • Added Ukranian translation

  • Brazilian Portuguese translation completely re-written and updated

  • Added emoji support in comments and forum posts

  • Added new Forum system and design, new moderator team, WYSIWYG post editor, international language forums and labels on forum threads ("Open", "Solved" etc.)

  • Added new Facebook friend invite system

  • Added swipe menu (open the menu without touching the icon - just swipe from left to right of screen)


  • Improved efficiency and loading times across the game

  • Improved behaviour of practice laps, to eliminate or at the very least greatly reduce reports of erratic lap times

  • Increased number of high level drivers and staff visible on transfers page.

  • Improved announcements on home page to allow translations.

  • Improved handling of race reset or postponement: all financial transactions relating to the race will be undone and costs returned. All cars and engines will be restored to 100% condition to avoid wasting parts.

  • Removed supplier bonuses from research dialog for clarity on what is being researched.

  • Updated financial penalty for changing leagues to 1% of balance (formerly 10%).

  • Consistency and messages improved when issuing penalties during changing leagues.

  • Forum threads marked as solved will now be automatically closed if no further posts are made for 24 hours.

  • Updated nationality lists to current UN standard (while attempting to remove contentious terms from hotly debated territories).

  • Revisions to Dutch, French, German, Hungarian Indonesian and Ukranian translations

  • Doubled resolution of flag icons for crisp display on retina screens

  • Reduced cascading post limit to 3 hours

  • Upgraded web service to PHP7 from PHP5

  • Updated legal documents for GDPR compliance

  • Improved tools available to support staff for better response times and more comprehensive solutions for managers


  • Fixed races not starting on time

  • Fixed driver health starting at 100% in every race regardless of what it was

  • Fixed errors after buying/selling a driver where drivers would report that the cars were damaged and need repairs

  • Fixed no objective in race (objective always being "finish the race")

  • Fixed fuel and tyre suppliers being charged twice in races

  • Fixed profile photos not changing after uploading a new one due to a cached version showing

  • Fixed currency amounts not showing "k" after values between 1k - 10k.

  • Fixed some colours not exporting correctly from the livery editor in some cases

  • Fixed iPhone X "notch" behaviour

  • Fixed league edit page not recognising existing language setting of league.

  • Fixed web purchases of 'investment pack' not awarding cash along with Tokens in some rare cases

medal 5086 CEO & CTO
3 years 28 days ago (edited 3 years 28 days ago)
1 October 2018


  • Added new server setup for improved performance and stability of service. Entire service migrated to new provider in the process.

  • Added new 2018 car with 5 new liveries for the livery editor.

  • Added new livery editor scene and visual overhaul including manager name and statistics on the wall.

  • Added notification alerts on all platforms - get notified of race setup, race starting, driver/staff expiring, sponsorship expired and HQ completion.

  • Added deeplinking - any shared links from the website can be opened directly inside the apps on Android or iOS - enabling easy sharing of driver auctions, leagues and more.

  • Added new in-app web browser - continue your current user session on the forum with no need to login again, and return to the app effortlessly by exiting browser mode.

  • Added new tyre wear scaling based on race duration.

  • Added new tutorial system with user-friendly step-by-step instructions and far more depth.

  • Added new rewarded video ads partner platform to increase availability of ads and stability of playback in all regions.

  • Added new automatic timezone syncing system to prevent issues with DST in certain regions (race times being incorrect).

  • Added new forum toolbar showing unread replies to threads the user has participated in and more.

  • Added CSV exporting of race data.

  • Added ability to change player name and nationality.

  • Added new Privacy settings including ability to block private messages.

  • Added liveries to standings page.

  • Added new automatic generation of leagues hosted by iGP in the event that no leagues are present for new players.

  • Added new notification preferences to settings and new preferences dialog.

  • Added additional moderator powers such as the ability to warn and mute users.

  • Added image resizing to forum.

  • Added pruning of lap-by-lap race data.


  • Improved balance of tyres to enable more strategies

  • Improved viewer loading times by loading high-res track tiles after joining the race, in the background, and then caching them for all subsequent loads

  • Improved quality-detection of the viewer, now it won't hurt FPS with expensive post-effects if the device can't handle it

  • Improved behaviour of real-time weather system to sync more quickly and to remain more consistent

  • Improved commentary system during live races so that commentary messages may be translated

  • Improved performance and stability of race simulator

  • Improved behaviour joining leagues - prevented during end of season / new season creation period

  • Improved clarity of league page header and added new league link sharing option.

  • Improved loading times across websites and apps

  • Improved resolution of Token icons and flag icons for retina screens.

  • Improved car design upgrade process to avoid a page refresh and update values inline instead.

  • Improved transfers page to show more highly rated staff and to refresh more frequently.

  • Improved iPhone X support


  • Fixed bug with Youth Academy not producing drivers of same nationality as manager.

  • Fixed tyre history in desktop and tablet race viewers

  • Fixed Facebook share link on desktop / browser version in friends dialog.

  • Fixed formatting errors in EULA.

  • Fixed bug whereby alert icon for expiring contracts is only shown on 1 expiring contract when there are multiple.

  • Fixed bug with tall/narrow profile images causing overlapping mails in mail dialog.

  • Fixed bug where manager name changes would not be reflected

  • Fixed clicking notification icon on cars page 'Upgrade' button triggering total refresh of app / page.

  • Fixed various minor glitches with notifications.

  • Fixed drivers and managers sometimes being generated with empty names.

  • Fixed news reporting user leaving the league in their local language - now respects league language.

  • Fixed mail being sent saying you cannot participate in the first race after joining a league.

  • Fixed 'go to race' button attempting to load practice results in leagues where nobody had performed a practice lap.

  • Fixed social sharing links in friends dialog and on home page.

  • Fixed "You must select at least one driver to train" message showing up incorrectly during training.

  • Fixed bug with standings whereby a team could be in two tiers in one season.

  • Fixed bug with new host inactive feature whereby users could see button to take over hosting even if they were ineligible.

  • Fixed three scenarios that could create a memory leaks resulting in app crashes on low-end devices

  • Fixed plain white track map issue in race viewer

  • Fixed cars occasionally pitting on the last lap for fuel


  • Removed delete post button on first post in thread.

  • Hotfix for friends list not working in some cases.

Language / Translation

  • Added Catalan and Balkans region translations.

  • Merged 'Spanish (European)' and 'Spanish (Latin)' translations into a single 'Spanish' translation.

  • Merged 'Portuguese (European)' and 'Portuguese (Latin)' translations into a single 'Portuguese' translation.

  • Removed Romanian language - discontinued due to lack of players and available translators.

  • Added translations for circuit names.

  • Added translations for ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.).

  • Added translation to WYSIWYG post editor on forum.

  • Improved loading times for translations.

  • Improvements all translations (ongoing).

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medal 5086 CEO & CTO
2 years 327 days ago
4 December 2018


  • Added standing water level indicator to home page and practice laps.

  • Added team colours and cars to all standings.

  • Added back button to login screen after pressing 'Sign in with iGP Manager'.

  • Added language selection to start screen.

  • Added ability to subscribe to / unsubscribe from threads

  • Added emoji support to league descriptions, manager bios, forum posts and comments.

  • Added preliminary support for right-to-left aligned languages.

  • Added 'share' button to drivers, staff, managers and leagues.

  • Added forum features: warning system, subscribe to threads.

  • Added all name suggestions posted by users on the forum.

  • Added new rewarded ad placement on the cars page.

  • Added language localization to web checkout screens.

  • Added Instagram to social media channels included in $1m for follow promotion inside iGP Manager.


  • Improved tyre selection during pre-race weather changes. AI now follow advanced strategy commands up to 1 minute before race start and make more intelligent choices regarding rain and standing water levels.

  • Improved livery editor to run better on mid and low end devices without down-scaling

  • Improved UI with sleek rounded edges and gradients

  • Improved rendering on 18:9 displays

  • Improved weather variability code to account for faulty data from weather stations and only make incremental step changes - to avoid dramatic changes in weather

  • Improved efficiency of Hall of Fame significantly.

  • Improved efficiency of news / home page loading.

  • Improved tutorials to redirect to a relevant page after they are skipped.

  • Improved UI SFX to not play irrelevant SFX on login/initialization of app, e.g. cash register sound on login.

  • Improved organization of information by setting square profile picture dimensions and cropping images to fit in areas like comments, news, standings.

  • Implemented fail-safe for IAPs - this should prevent IAP failures

  • Improved performance and error handling on loading screens


  • Fixed Facebook account syncing issues - new accounts were being generated when connecting Facebook to old accounts.

  • Fixed Temperature Needle pointing in the wrong direction in the race viewer

  • Fixed rounding error on currency amounts whereby e.g. values over 999,500 but below 1,000,000 would show as £1k instead of £1m. The same issue applied at the thousands and billions levels also.

  • Fixed relegation/promotion not triggering an appropriate scaling/balancing of car designs, present after the service migrated to a new provider.

  • Fixed car designs not resetting in some circumstances at the end of the season.

  • Fixed end of season design resets happening twice to some teams after promotion/relegation, resulting in a total wipe of designs and reset to 1 of all attributes.

  • Fixed bug whereby a team could sell all of its drivers or staff by putting some on auction and selling the rest.

  • Fixed bug during Cars tutorial where a manager could exit the flow of the tutorial

  • Fixed bug where Notes would convert all newlines to two newlines.

  • Fixed HTML injection exploit in comments.

  • Fixed HQ notifications not linking to correct screen.

  • Fixed cars not showing in the standings table for some teams.

  • Fixed numeric hex-codes starting with leading 0s not exporting/importing correctly in livery editor.

  • Fixed research bug with previous race levels not showing correctly.

  • Fixed swipe menu opening on the start screen before it should be visible when opened via swipe motion.

  • Fixed insufficient parts/engines prompts not opening the parts/engines dialog and not re-enabling button to buy parts/engines.

  • Fixed bug whereby putting a single driver or staff on auction it would say you've reached the limit.

  • Fixed 'Preparation level' translation wrapping on to two lines on home page.

  • Fixed poll NaN error when 0 votes.

  • Fixed memory leaks in certain scenarios in the race viewer

  • Fixed livery showing numbers in place of sponsors when a team has no sponsors

  • Various other fixes


  • Added new way for a league host to be declared inactive - if they have not been in the league they are hosting for 14 days or more, even if they are active outside of the league.

  • Attempted to improve behavior of ads to not show ads button if it is not ready to play.

  • Removed G+ from social networks in share dialogs.

  • Added new 2018 car shape livery placeholders to Cars page.

Language / Translation

  • Added Arabic and Japanese (WIP).

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