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Hall of Fame - Reputation for winning Elite

Should we remove reputation for winning the Elite championship?

46.13% (125)
Yes, remove it when the poll closes and retroactively remove the impact it has had on HoF Season 2
10.33% (28)
Yes, but only remove it when HoF Season 3 begins on August 1st
43.54% (118)
No, don't remove it
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medal 5953
261 days ago
I also think rewards should remain in place, decreasing down the first few in the tier. However in a short space of time i thought option 1 increased alot.....
medal 5535
261 days ago
Yeah lol, got about 20 votes in 5 mins
medal 5057 FOUNDER & WEB DEV
261 days ago
FYI - In the interim, what we're looking at doing is keeping reputation for the championship but scaling it based on finishing position, season length and number of participants (whilst still banning farming techniques). This way it will be much more balanced.
medal 5371
261 days ago
You have to add the strenght of opponents, the finishing Position and the Championchip points are way too high.
That leads to the current Situation that it is possible to Farm and that managers of weaker leagues, winning every race, are on the top. I saw some managers in the Top 100 who were previously in our league and finishe placed 10-14 here. While places 2-10 in our league aren't in the Top 100
medal 5057
261 days ago
Just interested if a recent thread to do with hall of fame

Has the Igor Lima's  IP address's been investigated to see if more than 2 teams in private league etc? I see you've put a stop to Marco LM's one but is Igor's genuine also as someone brought up that it was suspect?
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