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Running out of fuel in a non-refuel race

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medal 5799 Super Mod
110 days ago
Initially, the reports we received suggested that changing tyres on the grid in a wet race would trigger the problem. As we received more information it has become evident that simply joining the race is enough for the fuel load to be reset to the maximum value that was allowed before the most recent update (120 litres).

For 100% races, 120 litres is insufficient fuel to complete the full race distance. I don't believe that lower race distances are affected but potentially 75% leagues in Rookie tier with very low FE may also require more than 120 litres.

Until this fix is rolled out the only potential workaround is to wait until after the race has started before joining, by which time the cars will already have started the race with the fuel load you specified in the pre-race strategy.

I would like to point out that nobody has confirmed this workaround works.
medal 5056 CEO & CTO
109 days ago
FYI the update available now on Google Play (4.101) contains an attempted fix for this issue. We strongly urge people to upgrade just for this fix essentially. The same update is already live on WebGL and will be released to other platforms at the earliest opportunity.

If the issue is still present for anyone on 4.101 (or build 466 in WebGL) then there is one more thing that could be interfering, but it's likely server side and would require a fix that could be released without an app update.
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