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Push level for each stint

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10 days ago

Yesss! For those who can’t attend races this is bomb. I’m surprised this is not in the game already.

This game isn't supposed to be played offline, what's th point ? You need the advantage of attending so I do not vote for this 
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10 days ago





This is funny, that people still think Push Mechanics works in this manner.

Please, enlighten us.

Oh I can't do that. You'll figure it out one day :)

You obviously don't play in any offline leagues. 

Feel free to watch our races. 7pm Saturday every week. Most competitive paddock on iGP. 

As per race 12/22:

9 Winning Drivers in the first 12 races
Constructor's Championship top 5 covered within 59 points of each other
Driver's Championship top 10 covered within 40 points of each other.
Teams that have won more than 2 races are not in the top 3.
2nd and 3rd in the Constructors have only won 1 race each.
The Driver's Championship Leader has only won a single race.
Two races can easily overturn the entire racing grid.

We're now 6 races to go

1st Place Driver has only 2 wins this season
1st Place Constructor has only 2 wins this season
Top 8 Drivers are within 33 points of each other
Top 5 Teams are within 66 points of each other

264 Maximum points left to gain.

So yeah totally an offline league.

Some fantastic stats there. I for one would love to watch one of your races.

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