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Disqualified from Race

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1 year 28 days ago

What was the outcome of the poll and what was the host supposed to do? Also did teams scoring points in Rookie and Pro actually follow the rules? In Elite the picture was clear, at least in points no team and none of the others I checked followed the two compounds rule, so by rules everyone should've been disqualified if the race was a no rain race or no one if there was rain. So skipping was the correct call with the rules in mind, as understandably frustrating it is for teams loosing those points. Was the poll favouring something else?

So now every DSQ needs review from game moderators? What about guys who havent been DSQ in the same race, who were online for whole hour and attended the race ?? That bug applied to them as well. 

We all hope this and all other game bugs will be fixed in the future updates, until then we all play the same game, with the same on/off rules, with same bugs. 

medal 5125 Moderator
1 year 28 days ago
Not needing review but forum reports need checking for things like bugs and bugs for things that might give a lead to their cause. This bug not exactly applied to everyone the same as some profited and some not. This placed the host in a difficult position without any own fault just to end up his league management being publicly criticized in the forum. Also what about those who were online for an hour just to get singled out by getting a DSQ and put at a disadvantage in the championship?
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