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TIPS to make yourself competitive in iGP Manager -2020 edition-

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329 days ago



Maybe you guys are right. 

Normally with the push levels I just set it to whatever keeps the tyres half way between hot and cold - are you saying its best to change this multiple times per lap? Would that increase the lap times? 

Personally i adjust push levels through the lap if i can. Pl1 or 2 on straights and 4 or 5 through slow sections, hairpins etc. I'm only level 15 so nowhere near your level or experience but that technique does seem to work more often than not, I'm reasonably competitive against level 20 managers 👍

That's exactly how you should do it (push levels changing from track to track obviously), many experienced people said this is the right way, I personally use only 1 and 5 as much as I can, but on some tracks that's impossible, but made me very competitive with significantly worse cars.

Good to know that my method is backed up by experienced managers, thank you. Of course you can't always do it, for instance monza when it's hot, on softs anything other than pl1 overheats the tyres. Once up to temp i only use pl5 on in laps in that circumstance. I'm level 17 now and getting wins in a very competitive elite league, so I'm doing something right 👍
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319 days ago
Great guide
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260 days ago
Why is my weight ballast much heavier than the other managers? How can I change this?
medal 5220 MODERATOR
260 days ago
The ballast is a result of your level and there's no way to change it. Well, but promoting to Elite anyway that is, as there's no level limit and thus ballast.
medal 5128
250 days ago
Is there cheats in this game we have a player doing 5 pitstops and winning by 25 seconds uncatchable each race 
medal 5032
250 days ago

Is there cheats in this game we have a player doing 5 pitstops and winning by 25 seconds uncatchable each race 

No cheats that I know of. I've seen 4 and 5 stop strategies work before. Fuel has a greater effect than tyres so if they're massively light on fuel compared to anyone else they're going to be much faster. 
medal 5536
238 days ago
How is the best strategy of tires (SS S M ) for each GP vs 50% /75% / 100% laps vs number of pits ?
medal 5566
217 days ago

How is the best strategy of tires (SS S M ) for each GP vs 50% /75% / 100% laps vs number of pits ?

Firstly it depends if the league you are in has any rules. A lot of leagues have a 2 tyre compound rule. Secondly it’s not the same strategy for every track. Tracks have different lengths, different tyre wear rates and different differences in lap time between tyre compounds. And different whether temperatures.

If there’s no rules in your league then from experience 75% and 100% are both 3 stop all softs are a safe strategy! Sometimes in 75% can start on SS instead and on 100% a 4 stop starting on SS. 
You just have to go through a few seasons a test or copy others to know
medal 5166
178 days ago

1) Tips to choose your drivers

1.1- Conditions to accomplish, in order to have a competitive driver
The driver SHOULD BE Talent 20*
Driver's weight: 51 kgs if it's a male driver / 46 kgs if it's a female driver

1.2- Training (Optimal way): 
I) You MUST train the Physics aspects until "Stamina" is up to 20 and "Weight" goes down to 46 kgs (F) or 51 kgs (M)
II) Once the Physics are maxed out, the next aspect to improve is the Driving abilities part up to 20 (which's max out).
III) To end, the next aspects to train are Mental abilities.

A note about Headquarters:
Your young drivers come from the Young Drivers Academy (or YDA).
To have more chances to obtain talent 20 drivers your YDA SHOULD be minimum, level 13 (for higher chances).
Also, an advantage of the young drivers is their salary (per race), which is significantly lower than a veteran driver. 

A 2019 tip by Connor Cooper, a fellow moderator of iGP Manager:

How do you get your drivers weight down mine won’t go under 100
medal 5153 SUPER MOD
178 days ago

The minimum weights in the linked post are in Kilograms... if you have your driver weights measured in pounds, the numbers will be higher.

For example, 100 pounds is approximately 45 kilograms.
medal 5000
130 days ago

Depends. You don't really need multiple CDs anymore as there's no (reachable) cap limiting how high the new car design of one attribute can go. So one CD with good Strength/Weakness is usually absolutely enough as you get the same amount of points. With multiple CDs you can try to tailor your car towards the first track(s). That might gain, but also loose, you a little bit in lap time depending how well you're on target, but I haven't put in the time to dig deep enough to really figure those out for good, so there might be more to be gained than I give it credit but it also might be almost placebo (Also a set of qualifying times made me question all I thought to know about car design in general). But a lot of those still hiring multiple CDs are probably more after that little bonus that Strength gives in Research anyway.

What means CD?
medal 5652
129 days ago
Chief Designer
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