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Service interruption (race delays) 2018-12-29 20:30 GMT

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1 year 265 days ago (edited 1 year 265 days ago)
We are investigating the cause of this now and expect normal service to resume shortly. The 20:30 GMT races are too late to run tonight but we will try to get the 21:00 GMT races running shortly.

UPDATE 21:18 GMT: We're very sorry for the delay. 21:00 races are starting now. There was a server fault in the system which we have corrected and are recovering races as quickly as we can.

Can we re-run our race?
Yes. Even if your race has run, you can request that the results be wiped and it is run again this the race re-run thread. This is useful if some managers weren't able to attend due to the delays, for example.
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