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Tyre 'Cliffs' Update (16th August @ 12:00)

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medal 5053 CEO & CTO
1 year 344 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 1 year 344 days ago)
Tomorrow at noon (GMT) we will be rolling out an update to improve the balance of tyre performance relative to wear. We've listened to your feedback and criticisms of the old balance, and the behaviour of tyres has changed quite substantially.


  • Broaden the range of strategies and nerf 1-stop strategies.

  • Improved balance between overcut and undercut.

  • Increase the attention managers must pay to competitors strategies, to defend against undercuts and overcuts.

  • Improve realism of a tyre’s performance lifespan - prevent tyres from running competitively beyond 20% condition.

  • Increase realism in how tyre degradation impacts pace - balanced using real-world motorsport data, and refined in consultation with numerous managers from all sectors of the community, who participated in races and helped us to tweak the balance.


  • Tyres perform like new from 100% to 75% condition.

  • Progressive performance degradation from 75% to 50% condition.

  • Performance ‘cliff’ at around 50% condition.

  • Tyres become uncompetitive at around 35% condition.

medal 5051 Community Manager
1 year 343 days ago
Hello managers,

Races that started at 12:00 GMT are running with the new changes.
medal 5051 Community Manager
1 year 342 days ago

medal 5053 CEO & CTO
1 year 324 days ago
Tomorrow at 12:00 GMT we will be pushing the following revisions to the tyres:

- Fixed temperature drop issue when tyres reach 65% wear.
- Improved performance 'cliffs', with more progressive pace loss.
- Improved Super Soft compound pace slightly.
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