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Tyre development

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medal 5047
81 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 81 days ago)
 Can you please add tire development???
medal 5037
81 days ago
A couple more details here might help. How could it work- Would it be similar to engine development or would it be contained to a single season? Would you sign them for a full season with pre-set stats (similar a certain other online management game) or on a race-by race basis with variable bonuses like normal suppliers?
medal 4958
76 days ago
I like this idea, there's tons of things you can do around tyres.
medal 5401
76 days ago
It will be Pandora‘s Box 😅
For sure what we are doing with engine can be converted to fuel and Tyres….. 


Do I like it - yes!
Do I have enough tokens for it - defo not!
Do I get enough tokens from racing - not realy!
Do I have enough money to buy tokens - surely not!

Finally the idea is great and it could be same way as engines…..
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