Old igp engineer training

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, 269 days ago (edited 256 days ago) Reply #1

In old igp you could train your engineers so that your pit crew would make less errors (or possibly none at all)

I know for a fact on this account I didn't get that training up to 20. On new igp that feature has gone, and while my main account which was fully maxed out with engineer training has no problems with slow pit stops, this account's pit crew is generally a bit slower than other teams in my league and will also sometimes make mistakes with stops.

What im wondering is if this is still in the game despite not being able to train them anymore? And is their a facility to boost to stop this from happening?
, 267 days ago Reply #2

Cheers guys
, 263 days ago Reply #3

Could somebody kindly answer my question so I know whether I can toss this account in the bin
, 262 days ago Reply #4

I'm not sure but I think pitstops are directly linked to your staff, maybe TD but that needs confirmations.
, 258 days ago Reply #5

I appreciate your comment Joey but can somebody with authority actually answer my question, or do you not actually know?
, 255 days ago Reply #6

Utter. Joke.
, 250 days ago Reply #7

Came on tonight to watch the end of my race where I was near the front and had one pit stop left with both drivers. One had a refuelling issue, the other stop was 'messed up'

My theory is its been realised that this is an issue and there is nothing you can do about it, hence why nobody wants to explain why it happens. I don't understand why I actually bother playing this game since I can rarely attend the races (don't send someone to explain why people who don't turn up should have a disadvantage, i've already read that nonsense), and now I am guaranteed bad pit stops, and almost certainly always slower pit stops in general than those around me. Fair.
, 250 days ago Reply #8

Nobody likely knows what causes errors in pit stops or if they are just random, but it's interesting that you are saying you always have bad pit stops.

Is the TD 5 stars & did you see the last pit stop, to get any clues as to why it might of happened?

Lets imagine
Overheating tyres = tyre changing errors - warm brakes makes it harder to loosen wheel-nut.
Overfilling the tank = refueling errors - pitting with 1.6 or 2.1 fuel still in the tank, puts the fuel-rig guys off.
, 250 days ago Reply #9

I play the game exactly the same on two of the accounts I use. On my main one where my engineers training on old iGP was 20, I have no problems whatsoever. In about 5 seasons of watching.

On this account where I can't be sure it was 20, I have around 2/3 a week, and I pretty much only see 1/3 of each race in a week. The TD on both accounts is 4.5.

Your last paragraph is way too detailed I think for them things to be implemented into the game, and also I doubt i'm the only one that pushes hard in most situations on my in-lap
, 250 days ago (edited 250 days ago) Reply #10

This account you are writing with the TD has been around since 2014 the 4 teams before you would most likely of done training.
Is this the one with the problems I see times of 4.8, 9.1, 5.1, 8.8

Can we rule out traffic in the pit-lane?
, 250 days ago Reply #11

I not annoying you for the fun of it, Jack likes a lot of info about possible problems, so he can sink his teeth into it
, 250 days ago Reply #12

Them four pit stops are on of the examples yes. Also I doubt that the TD is boosted by the old engineer training, I don't recall their stats changing when you trained engineers. It was simply that you could make clean pit stops (and perhaps one other thing, can't remember)

And yes you can rule that out. I did a full race around Japan one season ago and noticed I was losing nearly a second every time to another car pitting the same times as me. He wasn't near me in the pitlane and also there weren't cars passing either. I've not seen traffic in the pitlane on new iGP anyway, from my own point of view the variants have swapped around, traffic existed on old iGP and stacking your two cars didn't, on new iGP its the other way around.

And I don't see you as annoying at all James, but my original post only required a simple yes or no answer really, the info we're talking about isn't really important at all unless someone was to clarify and confirm that "shit stops" as I now call them can happen to anybody at anytime. But I don't think that is true.
, 249 days ago Reply #13

My longest stop in Japan is 5.2 because of traffic and the quickest 4.1 getting a clear run using same fuel load 11 laps 29 litres each time.
I think yes everyone can have a bad stop, and I will try different things tonight to see if there is some way to trigger it.
, 249 days ago Reply #14

There is a slow stop that everybody can have and then there is a "The mechanics have messed up x's pit stop" which I assure you not everybody gets.
, 249 days ago Reply #15

There is a slow stop that everybody can have and then there is a "The mechanics have messed up x's pit stop" which I assure you not everybody gets.

The next time you have that happen, record which race it was and how long the pit stop took.

Do you have any races already completed that might show some long pit times?
, 249 days ago Reply #16

James has already found one out himself, the 8.8 and that wasn't even the slowest in the race, I wasn't here for the 9.1 but i'm 99% certain it was the same problem.
, 249 days ago Reply #17

I wondered about pit stops myself already. The better teams in my league usually don't have problems as such but the stops of Alphabra, VP Racing and Vanderwell are usually about half a second quicker than for example the ones of Tursula Car Boys, Up the Red and mine. The most stops of the first three are in the 4.3-5.1 seconds range and for the latter in the 5.1-5.8 secs range.
, 249 days ago Reply #18

The better staff, the better stops, but even the best of the best have to mess up at some point, some how. It's all a matter of finding what causes it and then trying to avoid it. If the staff told us everything where would the fun be. Push levels in the pit lane set risk levels for pit stops! Who knows?
, 249 days ago Reply #19

The better staff, the better stops, but even the best of the best have to mess up at some point,

They really, really, really don't. And even if that was the case it again goes to show you need a high level account to do well at this game.

, 249 days ago Reply #20

Half a star is of no use to anyone, lets just put it down to the TD is useless or doesn't like that driver and needs replacing with a 5 star TD, you would likely get faster pit stops along with less troubling stops, with bigger gains in the research department.

Staff are a bit wired to moon like me. hehehe. There are levels 18 & 19 with 5 stars, they must have hidden gems in their pockets, as there are other 18's & 19's with only 4.5. So other levels are likely the same too.

As for forcing an error in a pit stop it cant be done. So they must be random.

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