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Promotion for Pro account

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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1 year 35 days ago (Last edited by Guto Cesar 1 year 34 days ago)
Hi all,

I need to join a league with a small group of close friends (Elite only), but my account seems to be stuck in pro for a long time. Is manual promotion possible? I really dislike the idea of playing pro for weeks, as I've been playing Elite for a couple of years.  Thanks !
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1 year 34 days ago

Unfortunately, the support stopped their manual promotion service a few years ago - this means that the only way for you to promote to the Elite tier is to join a public league and promote naturally. Discontinuing manual promotion and relegation

I know this isn't ideal, but if you can find a league that isn't very active (but still over half full), it might not be as difficult as it initially seems.

Sorry if this isn't the outcome you needed. 
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