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Read Here To Report Bugs!

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5 years 45 days ago (Last edited by Yunus Unia Blunion 3 years 97 days ago)
SEARCH AND READ THE FORUM BEFORE CREATING A NEW THREAD. If you do not see the bug you are trying to report in another pre-existing thread, please create a new thread.

When reporting bugs:

Always report one bug per thread! This lets us keep track of each individual issue.
Report bugs only in the Bugs forum! Resist any urge to e-mail iGP Manager about bugs. This helps other players know if the problem has already been reported.
DO NOT paste links or ask questions in thread titles.

Writing The Bug Report

When writing a bug report, write down everything you can remember. Then, organize your bug report by answering the questions below. Some bugs may be simple or complex. You might only need to write a little or you might need to write a bit more. Writing clear bug reports are important! Stating all the facts can help us resolve a bug report quicker.

1. What did you try to do?
2. What happened instead?
3. Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?
4. Can the bug be reproduced? If you can’t reproduce a bug, it’s okay. If there’s anything unique about its occurrence, include that in your post. NOTE: DO NOT spend tokens to reproduce a bug.

Include any extra information you think may be relevant after answering these questions.

Provide screenshots and videos if possible. Screenshots and videos help players and developers better understand how to interact with the game to reproduce the issue.
Pasting direct links to uploaded screenshots is fine.

If you need further assistance embedding images from a PC or phone, refer here.

Thread title

Now that you’ve written your post, you need to use a good, descriptive thread title. This will help players find relevant information with the search function more easily. Plus, it helps the team at iGP Manager see at a quick glance of the title what the issue is.

Describe the bug using approximately 10 words or less. I’ll use some examples from our own forum that aren’t very helpful.

Bad: Weird Bug
Good: Race finished but Go To Race Button still present

Bad: Why did they pit?
Good: Drivers did not follow Advanced Strategy settings

Now you’re ready to publish your post! Thanks for reading.

The structure of this post was influenced by:
Mozilla's bug writing guidelines
Panic, a software company
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