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Are you tired of inactive managers & hosts?

medal 5000
3 years 179 days ago
I wonder which place of this league near the EOS. I think i advert myself to join pretty soon
medal 5194
3 years 179 days ago
alright, tell me which league you would like to join soon!
medal 5000
3 years 179 days ago (Last edited by John Doe 3 years 179 days ago)
I don't know. Perhaps between OFZ and FZWC... and one question, do i need to start from rookie or the last tier i was? (Pro). Because some of league hosts prvent tier hopping
medal 5000
3 years 179 days ago
You can join pro FZWC for sure!
medal 5000
3 years 179 days ago
yep, won't even get demoted if you join now!
medal 5000
3 years 169 days ago
Not all managers can stay within the pace. Sometimes they have and occasionally they do not. It is dynamic. Fantastic league! Thanks for advertising this!
medal 5000
3 years 142 days ago
Formula Zero Offline starts tonight with a new season! Come an join us!
medal 5180
3 years 138 days ago
Can i join the league?
medal 5000
3 years 138 days ago
Yeah sure! Which league would you like to join? The links and all in the first post of our forum thread.
medal 4978
3 years 133 days ago (Last edited by Luke Christophers 3 years 90 days ago)
Formula Zero World Cup Write up: S74 (Thank you Juanito Jones for doing rookie and pro! No elite write up this season)

--- Rookie ---

The season kicked-off in Malaysia and the win was taken by Selcuk, just ahead of Nuw Duow and Bill, and what a recovery from the latter after starting on Inters! The trio dominated the top 7, only contested by Jim after the last lap pit by Bill!
Bill bounced back in GB 19 to convert a front-row into a 1-2 on the flag, and getting a Grand Slam in the proces! Selcuk was on a distant 3rd and 4th. Bill was only beat by 1 SS car on the grid, but he converted it into another 1-2 in China! Nuw Duow was 15s up the road on 3rd and 4th with Rory in 5th and 8th, and Selcuk 6th and 7th.
Bill was at another level in Austria. He picked up another front-row lockout and drove it to the flag, lapping everyone up to 8th and finished 20s ahead of Selcuk in 3rd! Selcuk also took 4th from Rory on the last lap!

In Abu Dhabi, Rory took a front-row on SS just ahead of Bill with the latter managing to convert a great qualifying into a 1-2. But who impressed more was Nuw Duow on a 2 stop H-H-H to finish 3rd and 4th just a couple of seconds down on Bill! Selcuk finished a bit up the road on 5th and 7th, splitted by Rory.
Race 6, Spain, saw a new race winner on the season! It was Nuw Duow who took 1st ahead of Selcuk after Bill’s late unplanned pit-stop which brought him from 1st to 3rd and from 2nd to 6th with 3 laps to go! The trio now closed the top 6 repeating the same positions of the podium.
Nuw Duow enjoyed the top step so much that he managed to convert pole into a win to get it again in Belgium just ahead of both Bill’s cars! He also managed 4th to finish ahead of both Selcuk’s cars.
In Turkey Nuw Duow got another win! This time he also grabbed 3rd to take a double podium finish! Rory just managed to split him by less than 0.5s! Selcuk got 4th and 6th also splitted by Rory.

In Bahrain it was Bill who took a 1-2 after finishing out of the points in the last race! He was closely followed by Nuw Duow on another 2 stop H-H-H, with him taking 3rd and 4th 20s ahead of Selcuk’s cars. With this result, Bill stretched his lead to 59pts over Nuw Duow, with Selcuk another 28pts down the road. Rory was a very distant 4th on 86pts. The new rookies, Adrian, Alexander and Craig scored 30, 14 and 1 respectively after just a couple of races!
Australia, race 10, was mid-way through the season and Selcuk was desperate to turn things his way, taking a 1-2 at Albert Park! With the withdrawals of Rory and Nuw Duow it was the rookies who completed the top 8! Alexander was 3rd and 7th, Adrian 4-5 and Craig 6-8!
Canada followed with another 1-2 by Selcuk with Alexander 3rd and 4th a bit behind him! Adrian’s 5-6 and Craig’s 7th guaranteed them some good points. Bill finished 8-10 and the championship gap was cut to only 6pts with 9 races to go!

Bill struck right back in Germany with a front-row converted into 1-2 and a Grand Slam! He smashed Selcuk, 3-4, by 30s with the latter barely keeping his second car ahead of Adrain and Alexander on 5th and 6th, respectively. The duo also covered 7th and 8th.
Hungary saw a new FZWC race winner in the name of Adrian! He grabbed a 1-3, split by Alexander! Selcuk was 4th and 5th ahead of both Craig’s cars and Alexander on 8th again. And the Championship was now tied at 340pts with 6 races to go!
With the weather changing close to qualifying in Italy, some teams were caught up starting on Wets, including Selcuk! With no signal of his rival, Bill took an easy 1-2, 16s ahead of Craig! Alexander must have been furious at the last lap pit-stop which caused him moving from 3rd to 6th! At least he managed to overtake Craig’s second car for 4th and rescued some points. Adrian was a distant 8-9. Josh took 7th and 10th on his return to FZWC!

Japan was set to be an easy race for Bill after qualifying half a second up on Selcuk, but the rain came to give the race some spice half way through! Bill had a comfortable lead over Selcuk when the rain started on lap 14, but he still was caught behind some that didn’t react so quickly as him. After the round of pits we saw Selcuk going for S with both cars after the pit-stops! This gave Adrian, on an unusual strategy of SS-H, a gifted 3rd place! Craig managed a 4-6, sandwiching Adrian’s second car. Alexander was down the field in 7th and 8th while Selcuk only managed 10th after stopping again for the right tyre.
Bill managed to get a front-row on a hot USA race and converted it to get an easy 1-2 way ahead of Adrian on 3rd, who opted for M last stop. Craig managed to hold Adrian’s second car down in the end to keep 4th while Selcuk was struggling for pace in 6th and was gifted 8th after another last lap pit for Alexander who still managed 9th.

Bill took his 10th 1-2 of the season in Russia, 26s ahead of Alexander! McLaren overtook Craig for 4th with Alexander’s second car just behind them! Craig also fell down from 7th to 9th behind Selcuk and McLaren on the last lap! Selcuk closed the top 10 with 7s covering 4th up to 10th! 
Bill was once again on the front row, this time in Brazil! He managed to keep the 1-2 and finished 18s ahead of Alexander, who also got 4th! Selcuk got a lucky 5th ahead of both Craig’s cars with Maroš sandwiching his second car. Maroš pitted with 3 laps to go for SS and lost an impressive 5th!
Bill managed to get the last pole of the season in Mexico and locked the front-row once more! He brought it back home with a 1-2, 20s clear from Alexander! Adrian was back up to speed in 4th and 5th, ahead of Selcuk. Craig got 7th and 8th ahead of Selcuk’s second car with McLaren closing the top 10 for the last time in S74!

Well done to Bill for winning the Rookie title with a great margin over Selcuk in 2nd! Good luck you both in Pro! S75 will have great contenders for the Rookie title with Adrian, Alexander and Craig showing good race pace and scoring 204, 193 and 134 points this season! McLaren, Maroš and Josh making a great end of season too! Good luck all in S75!

--- Pro ---

After recent domination by Jeff and Maikar, Pro was set to be a close fight between newly promoted Alan and John G, Martijn, Neil, Fraser and John D. Except they didn’t expect Elite’s S71 champion to make an appearance on the tier! Luke started flying in Malaysia with a 1-3 being denied 2nd by 0.042s! Fraser took 2nd and 6th, John D was 5-9, Conor got 4th, Neil picked up 7th while Martijn was 8th and 10th on a 1 stop.
Luke kept the great momentum to GB 19 and got a 1-2 home! He was again followed on the podium by Fraser with Martijn bouncing back to 4th and 6th! John D got 5th and 9th while Neil finished 7-8!
In China the top 2 was again taken by Luke but 3rd place, Martijn, stole it on the last lap from Fraser! He also got 5th, sandwiched by Fraser’s cars. Frantxi managed 7th with Neil close behind on 8th and 9th. Alan managed his first Pro point with a 10th just ahead of his rookie rival John G!

Luke opted for SS on the Austrian grid and it almost paid off! But Martijn fought hard and earned himself a 1-2! Neil was 3rd and Luke fell from 2nd to 4th on the last lap after running out of fuel! John D was 5th and 7th, sandwiching Luke’s second car, while Conor finished 8-9 ahead of Fraser.
Luke bounced back in Abu Dhabi taking a 1-2 home, picking up a Grand Slam, just ahead of both John D cars who opted for M-M-M! Neil, both Martijn and Fraser cars and John G rounded up the top 10.
Race 6, Spain, saw Luke taking another 1-2 home followed by Martijn on the podium! Fraser, Neil and John D were 4-5-6 and 7-8-9, respectively, on an amazing fight all race long! Martijn almost entered the party on 10th!
Luke again finished 1-2 on the flag in Belgium some 10s ahead of both Martijn’s cars! A bit behind we had John D 5th and 7th sandwiching Fraser, with Neil 8-10 doing the same to Alan!

In Turkey we had a new race winner this season! It was Fraser who crossed the line 1st followed by both Luke’s cars! Martijn was 4th and 5th just behind them! Conor, John D and Fraser were quite close on the flag with just 1.7s separating the 3 cars! Neil and Conor closed the top 10 just ahead of John G! But the most impressive performance, although negative, was John D, who started SS and was doing a “crazy” SS-S-SS in one of the most weary tracks but pitted on the last lap while in 1st! It dropped him down to 16th, 30s behind the leader.
Luke was back in the top step in Bahrain with another 1-2! But this time he had to hold up a charging Martijn, with both cars, to keep 2nd up in the last lap! Fraser finished 5-6 ahead of both John D cars who started with SS! Further back was John G and Alan fighting hard for the last 2 top 10 spots, maybe remembered their Rookie championship fight, with the earlier taking 9th just ahead of his rival!

In Australia the top 5 in Qualifying almost finished in the same spots where they started, with the exception being Frantxi's SS car! But this doesn't tell the whole history of how Martijn recovered from a failed undercut attempt to finish less than 2s behind Luke! He also attempted to deny Luke's second driver from standing on the podium but, unfortunately for him, he crossed the flag just half a second up! Frantxi, both Fraser's cars, Neil and both Alan's cars rounded up the top 10.
In Canada it was Fraser who received the checkered flag 1st followed by both Martjin's cars! Neil was 4th and 5th just behind them, with Fraser on 6th. John D, Alan on 8-9 and Luke closed the top 10. With this result Martijn went to 262pts, cut the gap to Luke to 130pts and built some breathing space to Fraser on 188pts. John D and Neil were a bit behind on 115 and 94, respectively. Alan scored 6pts in Canada and stretched his gap against John G to 10pts!
Luke was again in the zone after taking another 1-2! This time he finished 16s clear from 
Martijn’s cars! Fraser was 5th and 6th ahead of Frantxi. Neil managed a 8-9 ahead of Alan.

Hungary had more of the same to Luke, but this time John D finished only 3s behind him! A bit down the road were Martijn’s cars in 4th and 6th, sandwiching John D’s car, with both Neil’s cars behind him. Further down were Fraser and Franxt to complete the top 10.
The Temple of Speed saw Luke taking another 1-2 home followed distantly by both Fraser’s cars, who opted for a 2 stop, and just behind him we had Martijn’s cars. Alan was way down the road in 7th and 8th, ahead of Chris, on his 1st point score of the season, and Neil.
Japan’s weather spiced up the race when it started raining on lap 15! Fraser managed to capitalise well, taking a 1-2 home ahead of both John G’s cars on his 1st Pro podium! Luke didn’t react to the weather change and was 5th and 6th. Alan didn’t react as well, but still took a 7th home ahead of Martijn’s cars and Neil. With Martijn’s poor result, it meant that Luke won the Championship with 4 races to go! Congratulations mate! Fraser was still in contention for promotion, 55pts behind Martijn!

A hot USA race favored Luke who chose M for his second stop and he took a 1-3 home splitted by Fraser! Martijn took 4th and 5th ahead of Neil and Fraser in a tight fight for P5! John G continued his good form with a 8-9 ahead of Neil’s second car!
Russia saw Luke taking his 10th 1-2 of the season! Martijn was once again behind him in 3rd and 4th, now 80pts ahead of Fraser with 86 still to play for! Neil finished 5th and 10th, sandwiching the great fight between John G and Alan! John G crossed the line 6th and 8th, getting the best of Alan!
Brazil had a big mix on the podium! It was Luke who won from John D and Neil! Luke got 4th ahead of Martijn who overtook John D on the last lap for 5th! He did the same getting his second car from 9th to 7th ahead of Neil! John entered the last lap 7th and barely kept it up in 9th, finishing just ahead of Frantxi!

The season finale race in Mexico was taken by Luke with an impressive 1-2, 13s clear from John D! It was Luke’s 15th win of the season and his 11th 1-2! Well done Champ! John D got 4th ahead of Frantxi and John G. Frantxi also got 7th ahead of Neil, Martijn and John G’s second car!
Great Championship guys! Fantastic title Luke and welcome back to Elite together with Martijn!
Luke scored 702pts and finished 302 ahead of Martijn! Fraser was 3rd, with 302pts! John D managed 193pts, 38 ahead of Neil! John G was 6th with 59 and beat Alan by 21pts! Frantxi scored 41 in 8th. With the relegation of Maikar and Rhys, promotion of Bill and Selcuk and with only 2 spots to Elite, Pro will have a great Championship fight in S75! Good luck all!

medal 5194
3 years 70 days ago
After being created back in July 2017 we have finally reached our 7000th race!
(7000 being the number of individual rookie, pro and elite races completed in either Official Formula Zero, Formula Zero West or Formula Zero World Cup). Thanks to all who have taken part in this exciting journey, hopefully the next 1000 will be just as incredible as the last!
medal 5000
3 years 54 days ago
Season 18 of Formula Zero Offline starts tonight! Don't miss it!

Formula Zero Offline

MTWTFSS at 23:00
100% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league

medal 5258
2 years 300 days ago
FZUR Elite Write Up: S74

Season 74 got underway at France in FZUR, we had a new tyre rule come into place for this season, with 2 different sets needed for a dry race.
This led to an interesting qualifying with 14 cars choosing ss tyres. Tifosi took pole position here with the first of the soft runners Porsche down in 15th and 16th.
The race though saw Chukwuche come storming through to take a 1 2 and get their first official FZ win. Porsche came in 3rd and 5th, Tifosi 4th and 9th, with Cthulhu, Vortex and Yamaha in 6th 7th and 8th. 10th place went to LEM.
The strategies here were so varied with ss, s and m tyres all used at various stages. With winners Chukwuche using 2 different strategies and all 3 sets over both cars. They lead the way in both 
championships followed by Porsche and Tifosi.
Bahrain was the host of round 2 and LEM got of to a banging start with a 1 2 in qualifying. 8 of the top 10 started on ss tyres. 5 cars started on mediums and the rest were on softs.
The race swing back and forth between the ss starters and the s starters. With 2 stoppers and 3 stoppers all getting into the action. In the again LEM pulled off the best race and took home the most points with 1 and 5 in the race. It moved them into 3rd in the championship with Chukwuche and Porsche still in 1st and 2nd.

Next up was Britain 19 for round 3, the weather here was horrendous for qualifying and Stig Racing took full advantage, storming to a brilliant 1 2. There was only 1 second between 1st and 24th, pretty close for a track that was more like a river.
At the start of the race, it stopped raining and started drying extremely fast, some managers were able to make the most of this by switching to inters at the start. Those that did pulled away from the guys on the wet tyres. This hurt Stig Racing as they had missed the start sadly. The track fully dried by about halfway through, by this time only Porsche, Chukwuche and Dazz F1 were in the battle for 1st. MPH and BMW and ICC both got their first points of the season. In the end Porsche took the win and closed the gap slightly to Chukwuche in the WCC.
Round 4 in Belgium was another soaking wet race and threw up some surprises in qualifying. WCC leaders Chukwuche put on softs for their runs resulting in the back row of the grid and a tough fight back in the race.
The race was so wet no one knew if it was better to 2 or 3 stop. The first stint seemed to play out between Cthulhu, Tifosi and Porsche for the lead. After the first round of stops for the whole field, the gaps started to open up. Porsche switched from a 3 to a 2 stop which saw them lose place in stint 2 but over cut the opposition to come out 1 2 for the last stint. Tifosi and LEM had a great battle for 3rd place in the last stint with Dazz F1 closing in quickly on the last couple of laps. Chukwuche lost a lot of points here with only 9th place to show for a spirited fight back.

Round 5 at Spain saw 11 cars run on ss to start, with Dazz F1 taking pole. Yamaha got a car between them, with Porsche and MPH next up. BMW and Muga were the last top 10 runners. The first of the soft runners came in 12th with Stig Racing again showing good pace.
The race was a very interesting battle with a selection of strategies, from ss s s s to s m m and s m s s. And again the varied strategies seemed to come together towards the end. Only 5 teams scored here. Porsche took their 3rd straight win and a 3rd place to further pull away. LEM took and fine 2nd and 10th with Chukwuche, Dazz F1 and ICC coming home 2 by 2 in 4th to 9th.
After 5 races Porsche (163) lead Chukwuche (108) and LEM (77) in the WCC and are in front in the WDC too.

Round 6 took us to Germany and an amazing 25 out of 32 cars qualified on ss tyres. Porsche lead the way with a 1 2, followed closely by ICC, Stig and Tifosi. LEM qualified well too with 2 cars in the top 7.
Race day saw Porsche overcut the other front runners early on as they all seemed to trip each other over in the pits, after each stop they managed to come out into the front positions. None of the soft starters managed points here but BMW gave it a good go. LEM, Chukwuche and Cthulhu all maganed double points finishes, with ICC and Tifosi also in the points. Porsche are opening an early lead in the WCC.

Next up on the world tour for FZUR is Azerbaijan and we had a very split grid strategy wise with the temperature so cool.
Qualifying saw Porsche take pole, with only Dazz F1, Chukwuche and Cthulhu managing to get 2 cars in the top 10.
The race saw some far out strategies come into play and some worked better than others. Porsche got their 5th win in a row and are starting to look very strong. LEM were again the team chasing them down as they closed in on Chukwuche again. Tifosi took a last lap podium just passing Dazz F1 on the last straight. ICC and Yamaha also scored here.
Round 8 Canada. It had rained heavily during the day leading up to the Canadian race, but qualifying and the race stayed dry, ICC took advantage of this to take a brilliant 1st and 5th in qualifying. Porsche were snapping at their heels in 2nd and 3rd, LEM and Tifosi were next up with Stig Racing rounding out the top 10.
Race day had a great battle at the front between ICC, Porsche, Tifosi and LEM. Porsche tried to break drs 3 times, eventually managing it as teams slowly fell of the train, they got 1 2 followed by ICC. We also saw Chukwucheake up for a poor qualifying to come through the field to take 4th and 6th. LEM and Tifosi battled all the way to the end, followed by Cthulhu and Dazz F1.

Mexico was host to round 9. And ICC continued their good qualifying for with 1 and 4 split by the Porsche team. Cthulhu were in 5th and 8th with Tifosi splitting them. LEM took 9th and 10th. The first soft qualifier was Chukwuche down in 19th and 20th but that wasn't going to stop them today.
They came through the pack stint by stint slowly picking their rivals off 1 by 1. This was probably the best comeback we've see in recent seasons and won't be bettered in a while, the strategy and race craft were spot on. Porsche just grabbed the last podium place on the final lap from ICC with Tifosi close behind. BMW, LEM and Muga rounded out the points paying positions.
Round 10 took us to Hungary and in qualifying we had a massive 25 cars set their times on ss tyres. Porsche locked out the front row with ICC on row 2. Tifosi were 5th with Chukwuche in 6th and 7th. Cthulhu took 8th and 10th sandwiching LEM.
The race saw the first stint running a 29 csr drs train, as the stints went on the front runners slowly became less and less cars. It was a tight battle all the way up to the end with LEM, Tifosi and ICC chasing down Porsche. In the end LEM were the closest just behind Porsche who stretched their lead again. LEM were 3 and 4, Tifosi 5th, ICC took 6 and 8 with Cthulhu in between. Chukwuche took the last 2 spots in the points.
At the halfway point in the season this is the top 5 in WCC.

Porsche 344.
Chukwuche 202.
LEM 151.
Tifosi 108.
ICC 66.

Race 11 took us took the beautiful Japan, and qualifying was interesting with a lot of teams splitting their strategy. On pole was Porsche, closely following with 2 3 was LEM. Muga were strong in 4 5, Yamaha and Dazz F1 were next up, with Cthulhu taking 8 9. BMW got the last place in the top 10.
In the race a certain team did another excellent performance from what seems to be a luck grid position for them. Chukwuche again came from a row 10 lockout to win, so impressively that no one could touch them.
LEM took 3 9 with Porsche in 4 8, ICC took 5th. Tifosi took a strong 6 7 and Cthulhu rounded out the points.
Malaysia and round 12 saw just a few cars car qualify on ss tyres. MPH took pole position on ss from Chukwuche who took a 2 5. Porsche were in between with 3rd and  4th and then we had ICC in 6th and 9th. Tifosi took 7th and 10th and Silvani took 8th place on the grid the only other top 10 starter on ss.
In the race we had a breakaway from one of the Porsche drivers as they opted to 2 stop their cars against more of the teams choosing to 3 stop. One of their cars suffered and didn't score points. The other took the chequered flag. Chukwuche and Tifosi pressed them hard, especially in the closing laps, one more lap and they would have both passed. Chukwuche got a 2 8 with Tifosi getting 3 4, solid results for both teams. ICC took 5 and 6 followed by Dazz F1 in 7 to get some more pouts on board. Muga and BMW finished the points scorers.

Round 13 down under in Australia. Qualifying saw the top 17 on ss tyres with Porsche taking the front row. Tifosi 3rd and 5th and Chukwuche 4th and 6th. ICC were next up locking out row 4. With Stig Racing and LEM taking 9th and 10th.
The race saw Chukwuche storm to another 1 2 to close the gap to Porsche who only managed 3 and 10. Cthulhu took 4 and 10 with LEM snapping at their heels with a string spilt strategy. Tifosi and ICC took 7 and 8. The gap at the top closed today, with 6 to go it's a 92 point gap.
Round 14 at Monza Italy. Qualifying in cold conditions saw a lot of ss runners, Dazz F1 took their second pole of the season
Along with 5th place. Muga took a fine 2rd and 3rd followed by Tifosi in 4th. Koenigsegg took 6th and 8th in their best quali so far this season. LEM were close behind in 7th and 9th with BMW finishing the top 10.
In the race Porsche and Chukwuche tried to come through the pack, with Porsche choosing to try and latch onto the 3 stoppers and Chukwuche keeping with the 2 stop train. Chukwuche had the better idea as they took a lovely win and 3rd place. Porsche took a 2 5 to limit the damage to a 12 point loss. LEM got a 4 8 to take some nice points home. Pole sitting Dazz F1 took  6th followed by ICC, Cthulhu and Tifosi.

Dutch Motorsports left FZUR after Monza to focus on family life and we wish him well.

With 5 races left the WCC top 5 are as follows.
Porsche 430
Chukwuche 350
LEM 202
Tifosi 156
ICC 104

Monaco hosted round 15 and with very cool temperatures this race would be down to who got the soft tyres working best. Qualifying the renamed Vortex team now JPS Lotus take 1st and 3rd on the grid split by Tifosi in 2nd and 7th, ICC were in the fight to with 4th and 8th. Porsche took 5 6 with Dazz F1 and Cthulhu taking 9th and 10th.
Come race time and Lotus shot away at the front after a brilliant first lap. And apart from during pit windows they were never challenged for the win, they took a 1 2 with a massive 10 second gap back to Porsche in 3rd and 4th. ICC and Tifosi were next up in 5th and 6th, the second Tifosi car was 8th in a Dazz F1 sandwich, Cthulhu took the last point. Chukwuche gambled on a risky strategy by qualifying on softs, this may have worked if not for missing the first half of the race, it'll be tough from here for them to catch Porsche, they need a slip up to help them now.
Turkey for race 16, we saw a lot of ss runners and ICC took pole
And 9th with a split strat, which we also saw a lot of today. Lotus were 2nd followed by Muga in 3rd, Cthulhu were in 4 5, MPH were 6 8 with Yamaha in between. Chukwuche took 10th.
The race was back and forth between the ss starters and the soft starters. The highest 2 stopper was down in 11th. Chukwuche stole the show with a fine 1 2. LEM took a fine 3 and 7. Tifosi came 4th place today, Cthulhu got 5th and 9th. Porsche let themselves down with 6th today, losing some valuable pounts they'd gained yesterday. ICC were the last point scorers in 8th and 10th.

Race 17 at Singapore. We had some unusual qualifying splits with teams having drivers on the same tyres with massive time gaps.
Porsche took pole, ICC took 2nd and 5th with Lotus and Stig in between. Chukwuche took 6th and 9th with Tifosi and Koenigsegg sandwiched in the middle. Dazz F1 were 10th.
The race saw Porsche build a gap early on and never be challenged finishing nearly 4 seconds in front. Chukwuche gained a few points on the with a double podium after a solid race coming though the pack. Lotus were next up after another strong performance, followed by both ICC cars. Cthulhu got 7th and 9th with Dazz F1 in 8th. Koenigsegg got their first point of the season and probably saved themselves from relegation.
L.Williams took the WDC with 2 races to go.
Qualifying for round 18 in Brazil saw Chukwuche grab pole and 3rd with Yamaha in 2nd. Tifosi took 4th and 10th with Porsche in 5th and 6th. Lotus, Stig Racing and Silvani finished the rest of the top 10.
In the race we had a couple of drivers suffer some very strange first laps with 15 positions lost. The battle up front though was between Chukwuche and Porsche. After one of the Porsche cars being out of the challenge after one lap, it was up to one of them to try and win, they did just that with the Chukwuche cars gaining an incredible 7seconds on the last stint, one more lap and this would have been their race, but they had to settle for 2nd and 3rd,which sadly cost them the title. Porsche wrapped it up with a race to go. Dazz F1 had a solid race in 4th with Lotus again strong at the end of this season with 5th and 7th, Cthulhu managed to split them in 6th. Tifosi got two cars in the top 10 and Yamaha took the last point.

The final race of season was in Abu Dhabi and ICC stormed to a front row lock out followed by Yamaha and both Porsche cars, Dazz F1, MPH and Muga followed with Cthulhu taking 9th and 10th.
The race saw a battle of strategy play out between teams running ss and s tyres vs those running s and m tyres. Considering the differences at play it ended up very close with Porsche finishing 1 2 followed closely by Chukwuche and Dazz F1. ICC and Tifosi both got double points finishes with Stig Racing got the last point and their first of the season.
Sadly Scuderia Silvani got relegated but will look to bounce back next season.
Wasp Racing and AMR got promoted from Pro and are back in Elite.
Final WCC Table:

1st Gulf Porsche 558
2nd Chukwuche GP 484
3rd Les Escaules Motorsport 223
4th Tifosi 192
5th ICC 151
6th Dazz F1 Team 99
7th Cthulhu Racing 96
8th JPS Lotus 77
9th Monster Energy Yamaha 16
10th MPH 9
11th BMW F1 Team 2020 9
12th Muga Racing 3
13th Koenigsegg F1 Team 1
14th Stig Racing 1
15th Scuderia Silvani 0

Top 3 WDC

L. Williams 296
J. Moss 262
O. Davies 254
medal 4853
2 years 296 days ago
FZ confirms its team for the 6th season of Interliga!

May the fastest avocado win!
medal 5000
2 years 283 days ago
It's been a year out... i actually miss this league...

If i'm to rejoin again, i would need a ton of preparations to be competitive....

(Of course i miss a ton of seasons as well..)
medal 5000
2 years 283 days ago
We would love to see you back Aulia! Any league you want to join we will try to make it happen 👍
medal 5000
2 years 282 days ago (Last edited by John Doe 2 years 282 days ago)
Yes indeed and how honorable the way you greet me, Leo Yeo, one of the all time greatest managers and FZ founders alike. I would like to enter within the convenient of entrant space, letting know that no league admin has to exclude anybody on the league in specialization of a person for VIP entrance. Sooner or later, be a fresh team on the grid has always been my preference.


Again, huge considerations, much bigger than the last time of getting into OFZ, FZWC (again), and ultimately FZUR.....
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Have you decided on which league you'd be interested in joining? Of course there aren't any elite spots at the moment but we can put you on a waiting list
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Elite FZUR Season 75

We welcome back Wasp Racing and AMR to elite after promotion last season. 
Qualifying saw Porsche start where they left off last season with 1st and 4th in qualifying with ICC wedged between them. Koenigsegg started strong with 5th place followed by Muga and BMW were quicker than this time last season with both cars starting in the top 10. Lotus were 9th and Cthulhu 10th.
In the race we had an interesting battle with 3 stoppers going for ss s s s and s s s m, while we also had 2 stoppers with variations of s and m tyres. In the end our championship contenders were against each other again, as Porsche just about help of Chukwuche. 1st and 4th for Porsche with Chukwuche in 2nd and 3rd. Lotus came through the pack to 5th, followed closely by ICC in 6th and 7th. Yamaha got a good start with double points in 8th and 10th with Stig Racing getting 9th to get on the board much earlier than last season. 

Race 2 took us to France and qualifying saw just MPH and Wasps using the ss tyres so they lined up 1 2 3 4 with MPH taking the pole. Next up were Porsche on row 3 on soft tyres followed by ICC, Chukwuche, Stig and Dazz F1. 
The race again saw varied strategy with the tyre Rules still providing the variation. Chukwuche came through the pack after below par qualifying to storm to a 1 2 and a nice gap in the standings back to Porsche. Dazz F1 had a fine race here taking a late podium and 5th place to score highly. ICC got a car between them in 4th with their other car 9th. Porsche botched their race after a bad call to switch strategy mid race and came home 6th. Stig again scored points in 7th followed by Cthulhu in 8th and 10th. 

Round 3 at Austria and another interesting strategy battle, Porsche locked out the front row with great pace followed by ICC who took row 2. Dazz F1 took 5th and 9th. Stig were solid in 6th and 7th. With Muga taking 8th and 10th.
In the race we saw the ss starters pull away early on and try to make a gap with varying levels of success. But the best of the bunch today was again Chukwuche after a storming start to the season, they got another 1 2. Yamaha snatched a podium on the last lap from ICC and Dazz F1 who came home 4th and 5th. Muga got 6th followed by Porsche in 7th and 8th. ICC also got 9th followed home by Stig in 10th. 
Chukwuche already have a 64 point lead. 

Great Britain 19 was home for round 4 and what a cracking race we had. For qualifying Porsche again locked out the front row. Cthulhu took 3rd and 9th with Yamaha a very good 4th and 5th. Wasps were in 6th followed by the lovely looking Lotus cars locking out row 4. MPH took 10th. 
The race saw a massive train in stint one with the ss runners and soft runners together. After the ss runners pitted the soft guys took the lead, this continued to go back and forth until the final stint, by this time only 5 cars had any chance to win. And step right up Yamaha who's new livery gave them the edge they wanted. Luke took his first elite victory and a very well deserved one at that. 1st and 3rd and moving into 3rd in the championship. Cthulhu took a brilliant 2nd place with Porsche close behind in 4th and 5th. Chukwuche did brilliant as first of the soft starters coming home 6th and 7th to limit any damage Porsche could do to the gap at the top. Muga, ICC and Lotus wrapped up the remaing points. 

Belgium for round 5 and a usual Porsche stronghold. Qualifying saw ICC lock out row 1, Chukwuche took row 2, Stig took row 3 with Lotus in 7th and 10th. Koenigsegg with 8th with MPH 9th. All of the top 10 started on ss tyres. 
In the race the ss guys sprinted off early when boost became active to try and make the gap to the soft runners. Usually at Belgium ss tyres are a bad choice, but with a nice train and very cool weather they seemed the better option with the mediums not working for the other guys. In the end Chukwuche pulled off another great 1 2 as they again stretched their lead, Dazz F1 got onto the podium after a lovely drive through the field from 15th. Porsche manage some damage limitation in 4th and 5th. ICC had a strong race with 6th and 7th. Lotus again scored good points in 8th, Chtulhu got some more points on the board with 9th and 10th.

After 5 races the WCC is already looking like a big mountain to climb. 

Chukwuche GP 176
Gulf Porsche 99
Monster Energy Yamaha 60
ICC 58
Dazz F1 Team 50

Round 6 in Spain. Qualifying saw Muga storm to pole position followed closely by ICC in 2nd and 3rd. Porsche were next in 4th and 5th with Yamaha 6th. Dazz F1 took 7th and 9th with the renamed WTF team in between them in 8th. Chukwuche took 10th.
The race saw Chukwuche move straight up to the lead battle before drs and boost were even active with a superb first lap. The trains for drs didn't let up the whole race, with the ss starters carrying the soft guys along. This race was very close for every stint. In the end Porsche, Chukwuche and Cthulhu pulled away half way through the last stint. Chukwuche tried first to breakaway, then later Porsche tried to latch on to back marker drs. Neither managed to get away and the result was very close. Porsche got 1st and 3rd and Chukwuche came home 2kd and 4th. Cthulhu claimed 5th and 6th. ICC and BMW took 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. 

Round 7 in Germany and we saw another pole position for ICC as they continue to develop their car well, they also took 4th place, being split by the Porsche cars. Stig took 5th and 10th with another good quali show. Chukwuche weren't far behind their title rivals with 6th and 7th closely followed by Wasps and Muga in 8th and 9th.
The race saw a nice train of ss starters running together early on, with some of the faster soft runners able to stay on the end of the train in the beginning. The one take to take biggest advantage was Lotus who were the highest finishers of the soft starters. Porsche, Cthulhu and Chukwuche had a race long battle, ICC seemed to just lose touch in the last stint. Porsche ended up taking a 1 2 to gain some points back in the WCC, Cthulhu took the other podium spot along with 7th. Chukwuche scored very highly with 4th and 5th with ICC in 6th and 10th. Lotus got 9th and 10th on the alternate strategy. The lead at the top is down to 46 points. BMW Racing 2020 changed team name to Good Enough Racing after this race. 

Round 8 in Canada. Qualifying saw Porsche take the front row with ICC on row 2. Cthulhu took 5th and 10th, Wasps had a great quali taking 6th and 7th, followed by Chukwuche and Stig in 8th and 9th.
In the race after stint 1 Porsche moved into an unassailable lead and were never caught afterwards. Chukwuche, Yamaha, ICC and Cthulhu were battling for for 3rd and it was a brilliant battle with Chukwuche coming out on top with 3rd and 4th. Yamaha stole 5th with a late charge with ICC taking 6th and 9th, Cthulhu were squeezed in between with 7th and 8th and the last point went to Dazz F1. The gap at the top is down to 30 points now. Cthulhu passed Yamaha for 4th in the standings. 

Round 9 in Mexico and qualifying saw its fair share of ss and soft starters, being more balanced than last seasons race here. ICC grabbed another pole showing their car speed again they also took 4th. Lotus had a great qualifying here with 2nd and 3rd. Wasps were up in 5th followed by Muga in 6th with Yamaha locking out row 4. Cthulhu and MPH took 9th and 10th.
The race had an interesting battle going on with Lotus and ICC having a sperate battle at the front to start with, and also Porsche and Chukwuche coming through on softs together. As the stints passed these 4 teams came together and had a great battle. Porsche seemed to use to much boost early on coming through the field, they fell away in the last stint as did ICC who did the same. In the end Lotus took their 1st win of the season with a fine drive, they also took home 7th place. Chukwuche came home in 2nd and 6th with Porsche in 3rd and 4th. ICC had a nice 5th and 10th to get solid points. Yamaha and Muga finished 8th and 9th. 

Round 10 took us to Hungary and we had a very tight qualifying. ICC took pole and 8th place, Wasps took 2nd and 3rd with a really great performance. Chukwuche were 4th and 5th. Porsche took 6th and 7th with Cthulhu and Yamaha rounding out the top 10. 
The race saw an interesting battle with the top teams having some new faces to contend with at the sharp end. Wasps were brilliant in the early stages and seem very close to a big breakthrough. GE Racing also got back into the points with a solid race today. At the front though Porsche continued to try and claw back points with a 1 2. Lotus ran them very close but ultimately their ss tyres in the last stint fell away and the softs on the Porsche held on, this allowed Chukwuche to steal the podium right at the death and also grab 7th. Lotus still got a great result with 4th and 8th. ICC kept their good point scoring run going in 5th and 6th. Cthulhu took 9th and GE Racing got 10th place with a brilliant last stint. 
Wtf Racing changed name to Poxy Toffees. 

After 10 races the top 5 in the WCC are as follows. 

Chukwuche 302
Porsche 292
ICC 166
Cthulhu 77
Yamaha 74

Japan for round 11. Qualifying saw Muga take the front row with Yamaha in 3rd. Stig took 4th and 7th, with MPH in 5th, GE Racing were 6th and Poxy Toffees 8th. LEM took 9th and 10th.
In the race Porsche and Chukwuche came through the pack with Porsche taking 1st and 3rd and Chukwuche in 2nd and 4th. Yamaha took a solid 5th in front of Lotus in 6th. Muga took 7th and Cthulhu took 8th and 10th, GE Racing took 9th.

Round 12 was in Malaysia and no rain was forecast for it so it was down to pure speed and strategy today. For qualifying MPH took ss tyres and got pole, everyone else in the top 10 started on softs. Chukwuche were 2nd and 3rd, Lotus took 4th with Porsche in behind locking out row 3. Stig took 7th a d 9th, ICC took 8th and Cthulhu 10th. 
In the race we had varying strategies revolving around when to use mediums and softs and stint lengths. Lotus got in spot on with their lead car, going heavy on the 1st 3 stints to come out at the end in clean air with lovely fresh softs tyres and just masterfully pulled away to win, 13 seconds in front of their car in 7th. Chukwuche matched their grid places and 2nd and 3rd, having gone the shortest on stint 1 and 2. Chtulhu made a lot of ground up in the race to snatch 4th on the last lap with their 2nd car in 10th. Porsche also finished in their grid position after a solid if unspectacular race in 5th and 6th never really challenging for the win. ICC took 8th place with GE Racing taking points for 2nd race in a row. Lotus jumped Yamaha and Cthulhu here to move into 4th place, on this form they have to aim for 3rd now. 

Round 13 at Australia saw Chukwuche lock out row 1 with Wasps doing the same for row 2. GE Racing had a great showing in 5th followed by Porsche in 6th and 8th. Poxy Toffees took 6th, with Dazz F1 in 9th and ICC in 10th. 
The race was an immaculate display of pace from Chukwuche who ended up winning by and enormous 12 seconds from Porsche in 3rd and 7th, ICC made a lovely comeback through the field to take 4th a d 6th and GE Racing took their best result so far in elite with 5th place with a brilliant and composed drive. Yamaha took 8th and 10th to gain some points back on Lotus and Cthulhu. With Muga taking a solid 9th place. 
Poxy Toffees changed their name to Rhubarb and Custard. 

Round 14 at Italy Qualifying saw GE Racing take pole and 3rd place, R&C took 2nd, Muga were 4th and 5th with 6th and 7th. Koenigsegg were 8th and Porsche took row 5. 
Rhubarb and custard soft starter looked to have promising pace early on worrying the leaders by pulling seconds clear after the second round of stops, however a third stop for super softs revealed a reverse 3 stop strategy which denied any chance at points. Chukwuche, JPS Lotus and Cthulu all stayed together throughout the race and it was JPS lotus who took the chequered flag with some brave management of cars and boost to ensure that one took the chequered flag and a 1st and 6th. Chukwuche claimed 2nd and 4th with Cthulu 3rd and 7th. GE Racing took 5th and 9th as their late season form continues. ICC took 8th and Stig took 10th. 

Round 15 at the beautiful Monaco, qualifying saw Chukwuche lock out row 1 with Lotus in 3rd Porsche and ICC were next up in 4th to 7th, Wasps were strong again in 8th and 9th with Stig taking 10th.
In the race the battle was between Chukwuche and Lotus early on and looked to be set that way until ICC pulled of a lovely strategy with a long soft run to get in between them. Chukwuche won the race with a solid 1 2 with ICC getting 3rd and 5th. Lotus managed to get 4th and 8th with Cthulhu getting 6th, Porsche only got a lowly 7th and saw their championship chances pretty much die out here. Dazz F1 were 9th and Yamaha took 10th.

Race 16 in Turkey. Qualifying saw just 2 cars take ss tyres with MPH securing pole with Yamaha alongside them. ICC took 3rd with Chukwuche in 4th and 5th, Porsche were next in 6th and 7th. Muga took 8th and Lotus locked out row 5.
The race saw a tight battle through out with Chukwuche, Porsche, ICC and Lotus all in the mix until right near end when Chukwuche after great race management had much more boost left, just pulled away with 2 laps to go. They secured a 1 2 and put 1 hand on the trophies. Porsche took 3rd and 7th, Lotus took 4th and 6th, ICC came hole in 5th place. GE Racing took 8th and 9th again securing points in a great second half of the season for them and Wasps took the last point moving them up to 11th in the WCC and safe from relegation as things stand. 
The WCC after this race is as follows. 

Chukwuche 524
Porsche 401
ICC 179
Lotus 176
Cthulhu 124

Round 17 at Singapore and Lotus flew to pole position also locking out the front row. Chukwuche were on their tail on row 2 with Stig taking 5th and 7th, ICC took 6th and 9th, Muga were 8th and Yamaha 10th.
The race was never between anyone but Lotus and Chukwuche and Lotus pulled off a great win and 4th to jump up to 3rd in the WCC. The biggest story of the day though was Chukwuche taking their second Elite WDC and WCC double after some absolutely amazing races this season, a brilliant performance sealed with a double podium. Yamaha took 5th, ICC took 6th and 7th. GE Racing took 8th and 10th and Porsche took 9th.
Porsche were taken over by Marlboro McLaren after this race. 

Round 18 at Abu Dhabi and we had a Lotus 1 2 with Porsche next up in 3rd and Wasps in 4th and 5th, ICC were up next in 6th and 7th. Yamaha took 8th and 9th with Dazz F1 in 10th.
In the race Lotus first driver was untouchable, they also took 4th place with a great performance. McLaren were 2nd and 8th. Chukwuche were 3rd and 6th, Yamaha were 5th, ICC took 7th and 10th with Cthulhu took 9th.

Round 19 and the finale in Brazil. Chukwuche stormed to the front row lockout with ICC hot on their heels on row 2. 
Chtulhu took 5th and 8th sandwiching the McLarens. Lotus were 9th with Yamaha 10th.
In the race we had a mix of 3 and 2 stops with the 2 stops having a variation on stint lengths. Nothing mattered to Chukwuche as they flew away and took another 1 2. Lotus were closest to them again today with 3rd and 5th. McLaren were 4th and 8th, Cthulhu took 6th place with ICC 7th and 9th and Dazz F1 took 10th and their final point in FZUR for a while as they are taking a racing break. 

Chukwuche GP 623
Marlboro McLaren 441
JPS Lotus 275
ICC 208
Cthulhu Racing 134
Monster Energy Yamaha 110
Dazz F1 Team 54
Good Enough Racing 41
Muga Racing 22 
Stig Racing 10 
Wasp Racing 888 1
Koenigsegg F1 Team 0 
Rhubarb & Custard 0
Goodison Racing FZUR 0
Les Escaules Motorsport 0

We currently have 8 spaces in our rookie division if you fancy the challenge! 
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My current level is pro. As in my current tray, i may jump to elite... (which i may not be ready to.. oh well)

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