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Please remove ballast

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32 days ago
Leo, i say you need more time to level before you get to elite as i promoted 2 times back to back and got to elite way before i was ready, team wise i then suffered from low headquarters dev so i had less parts/engines, less dev points to allocate and would only ever fight relegation, give me more seasons and maybe id have more time to build up my headquarters and things like DRS.

yep, filling leagues is tough, that's not about amount of divisions though, that's because the game has become very poor and has nothing to keep you on the site, you log in, change your set up then log off, there is nothing here to make ppl log in for any length of time.
it doesn't even have a chat page so members could chat.

my 2nd points was in reply to the having a max level of headquarters for set divisions. so if your relegated it would go down to the level pro allowed, this would mean you couldn't level up as a manager so any exp gained that season wouldn't count and is wasted, how could you gain exp if you cant go above the allowed level.
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