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Is F1 Boring?

Is it boring?

37.5% (33)
36.36% (32)
26.14% (23)
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63 days ago

NASCAR 2003 Darlington.  Enough said.

Eh, one very close finish? There have been better overall races than that last decade in F1. And if we are going back into the past, let's look at 1971 Italian GP, top 5 in 0.6 seconds, that's a great finish. Any wet race in F1 is far more satisfying than watching the cars glued to a banking for hours, no matter how good the latter is. Technologically, F1 is far superior, and seasons like 2012 and the many before and after it are much more uniform and satisfying to watch. And no offence to NASCAR, but there is a reason one sport is global and other is not :)

2019 Fall Talladega.  The laps before the big wreck were absolutely insane.
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54 days ago
F1 has boring races, and it has predictable seasons due to a team dominating. But it's always been that way. The only thing that has made it appear worse in recent years is the improvements to reliability. Of course, Mercedes continued dominance is dragging on a bit, but it's actually a testament to how amazing their achievement is. Ferrari had a car capable of winning the championship in 2018, but made mistakes when Mercedes and Lewis were consistently faultless. It seems pretty clear that Ferrari were doing something naughty with their engine last year, and Mercedes have managed to increase engine power, legally, to match the dodgy Ferrari ones. That's part of why the Mercedes engined cars are all faster than last year, and all the Ferrari powered cars are struggling. 
For me, f1 will always be my favourite form of motorsport. I love the technical side, and the fact that these are the 20 fastest cars on the planet. I love all motorsport, from endurance racing to rallycross, but f1 will always be the one I'm most into 
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