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Manual promotion

Manual promotion by the league host.

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44.44% (12)
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medal 5467
3 days ago
I like the idea of the host being able to move people between tiers.

If someone is getting win after win in rookie/pro. 7-8 in a row, move them to pro/elite mid-season.  😜😂
medal 5518
3 days ago (Last edited by Igor Barynoff 3 days ago)
Downvote, A league host could easily send his friend who hasn’t ever played the game and is a level 1 to elite. They could also if they don’t like a manager send them to rookie, this would be insanely abused and

Then let them take away the right to remove players from the league.  this button is useless.  The league will automatically remove inactive players.  I can still promote league members in groups using bots.  How convenient it is or not is another question.  I am grateful that I was removed from the league after the first race.  I created the league two years ago.  Where is that league now, it is not.  My league is alive and well.  I always ask the members if they are ready to move into the elite at level 14?  Because the elite is level 20 and it will be difficult for them.
medal 5123
3 days ago
The whole process is stupid like most things, you can go many seasons without any tier promotions, it baffles me, it's so hard to get people into elite with the games very small player base. I think you should promote up but not down as there are too many advantages too going back to rookie as a level 20, but moving up gives none. If ur nor ready game will relegate you, if you are ready perfect more competition.
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