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Please fix tyre wear

Do you think tyre wear should have more impact?

86.75% (72)
13.25% (11)
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medal 4975 Community Manager
11 days ago
Can I just say I cannot wait to see this update in mid November. Super excited……..

Mid November 2024? Yes!

medal 5986
11 days ago
Haha. I hope this update brings some fun to 50% no refuelling. Can we get a hint on what kind of update it will be?
medal 5506
6 days ago (Last edited by EA Fynn 6 days ago)
agree especially in no refuelling leagues, as the fuel comes down it's enough for lap times to stay the same all stint. It pushes almost every circuit to a 1 stop at 50% with no refuelling. It would be better if the 2 stop was the norm as it would enable more strategy variance.

How it should be done, welp there are many options: make punctures happen sooner, make pit times shorter, make the time loss per % wear greater. As long as it's not too buggy it would be worth it.

I think both 50% refuelling and no refuelling would benefit from a change 👍

I respectfully disagree Leo. Tyre wear is set on no refuel format. The real problem is refuel races where tyre wear makes no sense at all. Since Nov change we have seen managers stretching tyres down to 20% or even less in refuel just to slow down other managers. Is this a game to go faster than the others or is this a game where you can slow down other managers and never pay the tyre wear? As in refuel format it is compensated by lightness of the car and increase of pushing. I saw races in Turkey with SS stretched more than S which could not pass them without wasting boost. And Turkey is a track where tyre used to collapse before 3D. It's an undercut track. If u stayed out 2 laps more you payed it with seconds. Now in refuel it does not happens. Same in Spain f.e. and other high wear tracks. If at the start you find 20 SS and you have S and they stretch tyres it's game over. This is unreal. Especially in refuel. Fortunately now there is no refuel, and fortunately there are long distance (especially 100%). You can stretch tyres in no refuel bur you pay it much more than in refuel. Cause all the cars have the max weight and when a tyre starts decreasing perf. You can see it immediately. One lap more, or pitting the wrong lap, can make the difference in long distance. Fortunately. It should be even more stronger the decrease of tyres. And honestly refuel format does not make sense anymore. Short distance will always offer less strat's opportunity. I personally suggest to increase strongly the importance of Tyre Economy (to have one more top skill which can add variety to the development strats), and at the same time reduce strongly tyre perf  under a certain percentage of wearing. Bigger drop under 50% and especially under 40%. This is the only way to promote different strat, maybe undercut too.
Anyway Leo with the actual tyre wear it's 1000 times better no refuel format in long distance. 100% or at least 75%. (But 100% is for sure the best for variety of strats).
So to recap:
1. Need for a much stronger perf. decrease of tyres under 40%
2. Need to make Tyre Economy much more relevant in terms of tyre economy improvement. 
These two improvements would make the game much more interesting and increase variety of strats and in development in my opinion.

medal 5413
6 days ago (Last edited by Juan Manuel Fangio 5 days ago)

That should not be the solution, not everybody has the time to do 100% races everyday. CBA to spend 50mins doing something that could be done in 25. And anyway what are we going to do if 100% ends up being broken by a future tyre model? stop playing entirely? Of course not. Every game-mode and option should be fun and interesting (especially if they are popular) that's why we are asking for 50% to be fixed, and clearly it's not impossible considering the fact that before 50% used to have far more interesting strategy choice before the current tyre wear model.

I remember days where in a single season, the tracks were so different that we could go from doing S-M, M-M, to doing SS-SS-SS-SS and SS-S-SS. The problem is not 50%, it's the tyre model.

The tyres haven’t changed for a while though it’s the introduction of no refuelling that is the issue. Tyres need to go back to how they were before they were rebalanced last year and no refuelling needs to be deleted.

No Refuel is the best update ever. Tyre wear actually is good on no refuel. While it's totally nonsense in refuel. Totally agree with Fynn. Need for a bigger perf. gap under 40% of wear and good idea to work on Tyre Economy skill to incentive to put points on it and have bigger adv. in tyre wear. This would have immediate benefit on every distance, race and track. Long distance no refuel actually are the more interesting. Bests leagues at the moment are no refuel long distance like Discord, German Elite, etc... Many more options of strats and develop. Especially if you have 2 cars or a team-mate, as you are much more independent also in race strategy. But I perfectly get the point of Leo on shorter distance. I think they would have benefit too.
Pls save no refuel (the best update of the last 2 yrs) and work on tyre wear as suggested. Pretty sure also short distance would have benefit if tyres slow down much more under 40% as you would see more pit. Not always S/M x 1 pit in 50% with tyres stretched down to 25% without perf. consequences. It's an unreal scenario. The ideal would be a tyre decay which is higher in SS and progressively lower in harder compounds. Last tip could be working on pushing level too, always connected to tyre wear... bests, Marlon Zarate.
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