A look ahead to 2017

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 14:49

This has been a great year for iGP Manager; up until August we were busy getting the new platform to release, and have been working flat-out ever since to add new features and improvements based on your feedback. Check out the changelog (updated earlier today) for everything we've added since the start of September. The community has also grown tremendously in that time, to the extent we've seen hundreds of new managers joining daily. This sets everything up nicely for the year ahead.

Of course, the big story for 2017 will be the release the mobile and tablet apps. It will be the biggest ever change to the way we play iGP, and the phrase "I couldn't get to my PC for the race" should become a thing of the past. We'll also be adding a friendly / casual race system to race any time, as well as exciting new strategic elements like the safety car. As eager as we are to add these things, it's a heck of a lot of work! That's why we're also expanding our team, from 3 to 4 developers and bringing onboard a dedicated artist.

We're hiring developers and artists!

We would love to recruit fans of the game who have a passion for the work. There are two positions on offer:

  1. 3D / 2D Artist – Read the job description
  2. Unity (C# / Javascript) developer – Read the job description

If either of these roles appeal to you, please get in touch as soon as possible. We would like to fill these roles by January 2017 at the latest. You can do so either by applying for the job on Unity Connect (click "Read the job description" above), or by using our contact form on igpmanager.com: http://igpmanager.com/contact


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Michael Morris: It would be brilliant to have more practice laps so we can be competitive throughout the day comparing times and really refine our strategy
284 days ago
Shane Brown: Cant waitfor the app to be available quite simply love this game im a newbie having joined a few weeks ago... good work already please keep it up
286 days ago
Sandeep tiwary: All the best Jack and team...
286 days ago
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