F1 Esports' commentator Justin Sutton joins iGP Games

F1 Esports commentator and all-round meme generator Justin Sutton has joined iGP Games to manage the social media accounts for iGP Manager and much more in the months ahead. After a sudden shakeup in his professional life, Justin’s formerly casual role with iGP Games was expanded overnight to accommodate him with a full-time income.

“I will, finally, have a job that actually involves things that I love, racing and gaming! I'll keep doing the tweets during F1 sessions but I'll be more involved in other aspects as well. Seriously excited!” Justin wrote on Twitter.

“One of the coolest things about building iGP Manager is creating opportunities like this for people to pursue their passion.” said Jack Basford, CEO of iGP Games. Jack added “it’s so rewarding to be able to give back to the community I was once embedded within”, a reference to his background in simracing, when Jack founded the team currently known as Coanda Simsport. “This represents a totally new and rewarding career path for Justin. This is only the beginning of the opportunities we’ll create together for Justin, iGP Manager and the iGP Manager community.”

Twitter’s F1 and simracing communities alike swelled with positive reactions to the news.


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