Quick Races Announcement

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 14:03

Today we are delighted to announce Quick Races, a new feature that is sure to transform the way people play iGP Manager. Coming soon, it is currently in testing and being refined for public release. Quick Races will make it possible to race any time against anyone, including managers in other leagues. Until now, it was only possible to race within a league at the allotted race start time.

Some eagle-eyed managers spotted clues that this feature was coming. Did you ever wonder why the tooltip on contracts says “Only league races are counted”? Because we had always intended to add Quick Races!

There will be two types of quick race lobby:

  • Public – get racing within just 60 seconds (chat will not be available in this mode)

  • Private – invite friends for a private race (chat will be available in this mode)

The initial release will focus mainly on the ability to have pick-up-and-play fun, with short, fast-paced races. The focus here is adding gameplay people have been asking for on mobiles and tablets in particular, where people want to race on iGP Manager from the moment they join and without any constraints on when they race. That wish will now be a reality. Over time, after release, we will expand upon the format, adding more customisation options for private lobbies, such as longer race durations.

There will be almost unlimited scope for the development of Quick Races over time, so this is truly a game-changer.

A full and detailed feature announcement will be published alongside the release of Quick Races.

The testers who currently have access to this mode are absolutely loving it, and they’re almost as excited as we are to release it to the wider public in the next few weeks!


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Victor Furquim 57 days ago
Need to try this one
Дмитрий Лукичев 107 days ago
Быстрые гонки-туфта. Двигатели и запчасти тратятся, а зачем, не понятно
Sławomir Dubiel 125 days ago
iOS 12.2 - after last upgrades (13.06 & 14.06) app doesn’t work
William Ho 127 days ago
if I'm in a league, what are the benefits? (Increase driver experience, maybe?) If not in a league, I'll be using parts that are already scarce, in addition to additional engine wear
Doctor Velociraptor 144 days ago
It's been a month already
Andrew Potter 144 days ago
Will this game look at expanding to a gt mode with possible endurance races? Also will it ever be altered that we have to use 2 different tyre types
James Atkins 153 days ago
This should be coming to the game very soon, I'm hyped
Ben Ludford 164 days ago
Any updates on when this new feature will become available?
Tylan Gibson 179 days ago
When will it be realeased ?????????????

Joe Altieri 183 days ago
So siiiiiiic!! Well done boys!!!
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