New Circuit: Canada

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 05 Sep 2019 11:21

Following on from the recent launch of the French circuit, we are happy to announce that another new circuit, Canada, is also available in iGP Manager now. Canada will be in any new league seasons that are generated from this point and is available to race immediately in Quick Races.

After a recent poll on the suggestion forums created by managers, it was clear that Canada was the most popular choice for the next circuit.

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As we continue to add more new circuits we will be running polls on social media, so make sure to follow iGP Manager on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to have your say in which circuits come next.


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Gianluca Costa 1 year 262 days ago
Sven Mueller 1 year 306 days ago
Kanada my favorite Circuit thx:)
Mr. Gabriel Ovalle 1 year 315 days ago
sefatyu cars!!o el circuito de mexico hay mucha comunidad latina haanos felices con un circuito latino
Fynn Schramm 1 year 325 days ago
Thank you
james porritt 1 year 326 days ago
I have sent this via instagram do people agreeHi I understand that creating and running this game will be difficult and I understand that you are creating new circuits but me personally and others are asking for safety cars to be added also accidents/crashes I believe when a pit stop happens you can zoom in and see it happening like the wheels being taken off and individual pit stop crews for each team to train/manage to sort the car out fires could happen so just some idears if you could take
Francesco Gianelli 1 year 326 days ago
I’m in a league where 70 % of my fellow competitors are Americans.... and I find it strange on their behalf that there is not an American race track be it Indianapolis or Austin Texas. Get rid of of the European race and make me and my American friends happy and replace it with an American race track 😃
Orelj Racing 1 year 326 days ago
Ligue f1 pole position
Anderson Sousa e Andrade 1 year 326 days ago
Add accidents and Safety Car
Lai Yong Liang 1 year 326 days ago
Add Hanoi Street Circuit (Vietnam), Circuit Zandvoort (Dutch), Red Bull Ring (Austria), Sochi Autodrom (Russia), Austin Circuit (US) and Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico).
Ivan Borisov 1 year 326 days ago
Add Austria and replace Nurburgring with Hockeinheim, please
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