Halloween updates

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 17:09

Today we launch a new circuit and unleash ghosts and zombies on the Headquarters! The USA circuit has been added to iGP Manager and completes our circuit building spree for now. We are open to developing more tracks in the future, but in the meantime we want to focus all of our energy on other development projects.

Custom season lengths - coming soon

By popular demand, we will be implementing custom season lengths in iGP Manager. This will be developed soon, but in order to keep gameplay balanced we will be making various other adjustments around it.

For one, we are considering changing the design cap on car design to 50 in Rookie, 100 in Pro and 200 in Elite. You can vote on this proposal here.

App update

Within days we expect to release an app update which will introduce the ability to change tyres before the start of a race, if the weather has changed erratically from practice/qualifying. This is an additional measure to accompany all of the advanced strategy changes made in recent weeks, such as the option to disable it altogether pre-race, and manual override coming in to effect for the remainder of the race after you join.

The update also includes a nice surprise which we will activate when the time is right. :)


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Jax Nexus 82 days ago
Bit late I know, but great update, thanks :-)
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TEAM DjBOB 141 days ago
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Andy Carver 155 days ago
Has anyone had problems with the app today, I set my strategy for tonight’s race as two out stops all wet tyres and at the first pit stop it fitted me with mediums... wtf?! That’s just cost me 15 places. Can igpmanager check what happened there and let me know? Thanks
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David Lyons 198 days ago
Hey Jack, as promised: https://igpmanager.com/forum-thread/29912

Apologies on how late I got this made up for you. But this week has not been fun for me. Cheers :)
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Gianluca Costa 199 days ago
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The Speed End 206 days ago
Nice update.
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Craig Taylor 206 days ago
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Diego Medeiros 206 days ago
Design score in the elite at 200, will not pay dude! with 15 circuits will not advance anything in the design.
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Diego Medeiros 206 days ago
pontuação de design na elite em 200, não vai prestar cara! com 15 circuitos não vai dar pra avançar em nada no desingn.
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Cesar Roco 206 days ago
Buen ciscuito el de EEUU
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