Pit Crew Update (Preview)

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 11:00

Hi folks!

We're thrilled to announce that a game-changing update is speeding its way to iGP Manager, set to arrive on 6th December! This update is packed with features that will rev up your racing strategy and add an extra layer of depth to your management experience. Here’s a sneak peek of what's coming:

The Pit Crew: A Game-Changer in Race Strategy

The speed and reliability of your pit stops are now in the hands of your crew. Prepare to tackle challenges like pit crew training alongside driver training, pit crew atrophy, performance variance and morale – among other factors that will all determine the speed of your pit stops.

Revamped Racing

Overtaking has been overhauled, especially for cars with significant speed differences. Also, say goodbye to cars ‘bouncing’ during overtakes as we’ve improved the mechanics to make for smoother and more realistic maneuvers. The top speed of cars has also been increased and the slipstream and dirty air effects reworked for a more strategic racing experience where you can make a greater difference.

We’ve also sprinkled some magic under the hood with various other enhancements and fixes. Mark your calendars for next week and stay tuned for the release blog when the update goes live which will contain much more information. As always, happy racing!

Note: Prior to the December 6th release we will postpone all races around the launch to conduct scheduled maintenance. At least 24 hours notice will be given and the races impacted will be postponed to the next available slot in the league calendar.


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Ruben Mora 233 days ago
me gusta la actualización, tengo una idea que seguro se que uds ya han pensado, que podemos aumentar el desgaste del vehículo a medida que el piloto aumente el empuje, lo que dificultaría la estrategia y así la diversión del juego
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Sergio López 233 days ago
It is a striking update, adding that improvement factor in the pits, but I think that what is really needed in the update are new circuits, since many of us would like to make calendars identical to the real F1 one and we are missing circuits like Zandvoort, Miami, Jeddah, Qatar, something fresh to have more variety in the leagues.
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Nick Romano 235 days ago
Why should we remove SS
Jacopo Consoli 235 days ago
Thank you this update is pretty good but to the next update is possible to remove the SS ?
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Jo Vermeulen 235 days ago
Sounds good, but there are other issues to deal with which are way more important. The game is drying out guys, rookies become unicorns. No new players means iGP will be history within a few years. Invest in attracting new people instead of aiming at the wallet of the elite players.
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Adam Darby 235 days ago
I will reserve judgement until after it comes in, every other update sounded good in advance too but none of them have been an improvement
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Kyle Dawg 235 days ago
WOW I’m excited
Seba Nowak 236 days ago
Why on practice in Russia I got 2.67 fuel usage (so put not enough) and during the race on SS with push 1 to save the fuel got 2.78??? That's the lowest I could go. FIX that man.! On full push was 2.88 so 0,2 over the predictions.
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Crom Sandpapes 236 days ago
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Budiono Siregar 236 days ago
great jobbbb
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