Pit Crew & Revamped Racing - Out now!

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Wed, 06 Dec 2023 21:30

We are excited to share that the Pit Crew update for iGP Manager is now live!

The Pit Crew: Revolutionising Race Strategy

The speed and reliability of your pit stops have shifted into the capable hands of your crew. You've stepped into the world of managing pit crew training alongside driver training, confronting challenges like pit crew atrophy, performance variance, and morale. These factors now crucially determine the speed of your pit stops.

The pit crew will affect the time it takes to change tyres and also the time it takes to refuel (in leagues with refuelling activated). The level of your pit crew will also determine how consistent your pit stops are, mechanics can also make mistakes that impact tyre change times, jacking up the car, or plugging and unplugging the fuel hose.

You can train a total of four attributes: composure, coordination, fitness and skill. Be careful when managing the health of your pit crew members, as poor health can affect their performance during the pit stops.

With the salary you can affect the atrophy ratio of the pit crew members. They will gradually lose their attributes depending on this factor. In addition, a good salary will increase morale and performance. Salaries scale with each level of experience. Remember that your pit crew will always be the same, it does not age, you cannot fire members or hire new ones.

Revamped Racing

Overtaking was thoroughly revamped, especially for cars with notable speed differences due to superior car design, driver skills, or tyre management. This change has made races more dynamic and competitive.

  • Cars no longer 'bounce' during overtakes; we've fine-tuned the mechanics for smoother and more realistic manoeuvres.
  • The effects of dirty air were intensified, adding a fresh strategic dimension to managing your car within the pack.
  • The thrill of speed has been dialled up with the maximum speed now reaching 370 KPH.
  • Reworked slipstream dynamics now make for a more impactful race, particularly at closer distances.


Enhancements and Fixes

We’ve also introduced some magic under-the-hood with various enhancements and fixes:

  • USA pit lane ‘teleport’ fix - Cars will no longer jump ahead when exiting the USA pit lane.
  • Quick Races now feature a more rewarding system, with prizes awarded for podium finishes where more than 3 cars take part.
  • The ‘street circuit’ special ability has been expanded with the addition of Canada.
  • Some levels now come with unique new special offers when levelling up.
  • A new toggle feature for customising engine stats visibility.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements have been implemented to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

We are committed to addressing all quirky behaviours at other circuits beyond the USA in future updates, as well as fixing tracks where multiple teams share the same pit box. As announced in the previous dev blog, we are also working on an update of the app focused on improving all our SDKs, APIs, and other related components.

The update is here, and it's time to dive in! Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy racing!

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Adam Darby 182 days ago
Issue concerning pit crew training instructions not saving now seems to be fixed 👌

Anything further on pit stop times being viewable either in race or in race report?
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Jebson Button 185 days ago
Are the pit crews only available at level 5 and up? Some managers in our league can train pit crews while pit crews aren't even visible for others, either on the web app/desktop app or mobile.
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Matt Grant 186 days ago
Don’t know where to post this but a future idea - when you spectate on races it would be great if you could predict winners or bet etc. just a thought as I frequently watch other races during downtime as it beats social media and that would be an extra incentive to.
md-thumbs-up  1  
Aya Asdowo 187 days ago
Whats the maximum stats for Pit crew?
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Adam Darby 187 days ago
So far so good - the update hasn't ruined anything else and is barely noticeable so for me this is the best update this game has ever had.

Only fault I have found so far is that when you specify training for pit crews and save it, when you leave the training page and return their training instructions reset
Jayden . 187 days ago
is it me or is the training feature abit bugged?
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Wholly Crap 187 days ago
After fully training the pit crew, when comparing with those that hadn't the difference was neglible to be hardly noticeable. Even my own crews were doing different times on each car and at each pit stop. Compared with reality times are pretty consistent each time with the occasional bad one. Yesterday I had times from 4.4 to 5.2 with them all trained, untrained team did 4.4 to 4.7 how do you explain that? It's a non refuelling league so it's not that.
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Wayne Porter 187 days ago
Not sure if it’s just me but the setting for the pit crew resets everytime I move away from the training screen
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Tobiasz Kubiak 187 days ago
Woah! Great update guys!
Levo Miller 188 days ago
I like the pit crew mechanic! I hope that morale will impact the pit crew significantly to punish the ones who “neglect” their crew with a low salary.
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