Coming soon: New Hall of Fame

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 11:11

On July 1st 2020 the Hall of Fame will be changing for the better. With multiple managers achieving the top score of 10,000 reputation, the old Hall of Fame system had reached its limit some time ago. The entire system has been reimagined to keep it an active and engaging part of the community every month. Some key changes will occur immediately on July 1st, and we are issuing advance notice with this blog. This is not every detail, but these are the key points to remember.

Uncapped reputation

The 10,000 reputation cap which has been in place until now will no longer be applied. This will enable competition to resume for the top spot.


Each calendar month will be considered a full season in the new Hall of Fame. Manager reputation will reset each season as follows:

  • Managers with reputation below 5000 will reset to 5000 at the start of each month.
  • Managers with reputation above 5000 will also reset but retain half of their reputation above 5000. E.g. 7000 reputation will become 6000 reputation upon the season reset.

This process will enable all managers to aim for the top spot, with no one player able to obtain "runaway reputation" gains that can't be caught with the removal of any cap on reputation. Those who are already at the top of the Hall of Fame meanwhile will maintain an advantage going in to each season.

New national and friend rankings

All users are entered in to 3 categories of Hall of Fame:

  • World - international rank of all players
  • Nation - compared with managers of the same nationality
  • Friends - compared with managers in your friends list



The top finishers in the 'World' Hall of Fame will also receive prizes each month in the form of rewards such as cash and Tokens.


EDIT: To managers requesting changes to qualifying, pit stops etc. I have written a lengthy open letter to the community on the forum which you should read. Click here to read an explanation of what has been going on.


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Sergio Marreiros 295 days ago
Congratulations excellent idea .
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Vinicio Marcelino 295 days ago
fix pit stop bugs and qualification and panel bugs don't fix it, right? meanwhile we suffer
md-thumbs-up  4  md-thumbs-down      
Marco LM 295 days ago
😒😒 yes, there aren't bug to fix
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Jerry Nissa 295 days ago
Great !!
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Cesare Ciclone 295 days ago
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Pablo Jiménez 295 days ago
In Spanish, please
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Richard Herman 295 days ago
Rip the people trying to get the lowest rep possible
md-thumbs-up  5  md-thumbs-down      
Rhys James 295 days ago
Wow! I feel for those who reach 10000 then make a new account... I assume they still lose rep
md-thumbs-up  3  md-thumbs-down      
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