New French Circuit & Changelogs

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2019 19:51

We’ve released a flurry of updates late in August, the most recent and noticeable of which is a brand-new circuit! Earlier today, France was added to the league calendar, meaning it will be available in any new seasons that are generated from today. It is available to race on immediately in Quick Races.

France is in some ways the first truly ‘new’ circuit in iGP Manager, since the new Britain 2019 essentially replaced Britain 2009, rather than representing a totally new entry to the calendar.

More new circuits are coming

We will continue releasing new circuits into iGP Manager, and this is just the beginning. One of the most frequent requests we’ve received from the community is to add new circuits, so we made that one of our priorities for 2019. The fruits of our labour on that project will continue to arrive throughout the remainder of the year - in other words, more tracks coming very soon.

New changelog system

Recently, we also added a brand-new Changelog system to, so everyone can track all of the work and ongoing updates that take place on iGP Manager. We intend to make this more integrated into iGP Manager in future updates. As not all of the work we do is immediately visible on the front-end in the interface, we hope this will help the community to appreciate just how hard we continue to work on iGP Manager to prepare for the future.

Security update

Yesterday, we also released a security update to the iGP Manager websites, increasing security against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. To our knowledge, nobody has attempted CSRF exploits of any sort, we simply made an improvement over existing security measures.

Advanced strategy improvements

Work continues on advanced strategy and is set to take a few more weeks. Specifically, we are working to make it possible to change tyres before the start of the race when the weather changes from wet to dry or vice versa. This is the most common scenario which we’ve heard needs to be addressed, when the weather changes between practice locking and the race start.


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Luca Strazzera 48 days ago

Lord Samersby12 48 days ago
Roberto Castoldi 48 days ago
Great job !!
Adrian Kurys 48 days ago
👍👍👍 jakaś zmaina!!!
Andi Yanianto 48 days ago
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In Your Face 48 days ago
👌🏼 👍
Brim Stone 48 days ago
Gud work bro! after u add a france circuit.

I be hope u can add about a safetycar, engineblow, tyrepuncture n circuit same the f1 2019.

Keep work n we are always wait ur update...thx bro
Loïs Jn 48 days ago
Good work devs!

Could you consider adding Baku circuit and safety car please?
Janusz Nosacz 48 days ago
Good Job

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