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League Rules Release / App 4.100 (mandatory update)

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2 years 63 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 2 years 62 days ago)
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Hi everyone,
I'm happy to announce that we are releasing league rules now. It will take a few days to complete this process as mentioned in a previous post. The app release must be complete first, with all users switching to this mandatory update, then a few days later, league rules will become available inside the game.

Why does app release 4.100 say that it contains league rules when it doesn't (yet)?
It will contain league rules in a few days, but we can't release them until everyone has upgraded to this version. This is why this contradiction will exist initially, it's expected and part of the planned rollout process. We want to give everyone a chance to update their app version before they have to use league rules.

Why is version 4.100 a mandatory update?
Because backwards compatibility with app versions that do not contain league rules was not possible. The changes impact all underlying systems and the game interfaces such that it is a required upgrade for everyone.

When will League Rules be available in the game?
This week.
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