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An open letter to the community

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medal 6289
55 days ago
I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the devs and the team that made this game possible and who dedicate so much of their time to it. I got the game around 4 months ago and I absolutely love it. I found a fantastic league and this game has become a part of daily life, I can't praise it more. Of course, there are aspects of the game that aren't perfect, but from what I've seen the team are dedicated to making their way through the issues, and are constantly updating the game to improve the experience for us. Personally, I'd like to see adjustments to the tyre model so that we're not all using softs 90 percent of the time, but I'm not going to moan at them about it, and I can imagine it's not an easy undertaking. We have to understand that the changes are never going to please everybody, and sometimes a bug fix or a change can have unexpected side effects when applied in lobbies. 
What I'm basically saying is give the guys a break, it's not like it's made by EA 😂👍👍
medal 6053
35 days ago
This game is great. Keep up the good work.
medal 5549
34 days ago
Greetings from a new player.
I just played for about 3 days, and i found that simplicity and easy-to-grasp this game has offered is what im looking for from a racing simulation game. I dont have a much money to spend in a mobile game, but im willing to spend some amount in a game that i really like because its quite fair.
Keep up a good work
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