iOS update out now. New car & circuit coming.

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 11:31

We’ve just released a major update to all iPhones and iPads on iOS 8+. You’ll instantly notice a more responsive interface and crisp high-definition map images that really pop on the Apple retina screens. It transforms the experience of iGP Manager on these devices, and you can see and feel the difference immediately.

Android has also just received a patch fixing any issues we discovered since the update released over a week ago. The new iOS update also includes all of these fixes along with the new features.

In development: Updated circuits. New car. Better tutorials.

As we’ve alluded to in recent blogs and commentary, with the recent updates we’ve been re-engineering the system to handle new tracks and updated circuit layouts. We're excited to announce that we expect to release the first track to iGP Manager for many years in May!

Work continues on the 2018 car shape for iGP Manager which we hope to release in March.

We’re also working on better tutorials for new players and daily rewards for existing players, which we hope to release in April.


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Martina Je 347 days ago
I always update iDevice when they are available with the latest updates. But the new update also seems to have created a bug with my apple id and get notification t to activate your iOS. But it already activates. So how to activate iPhone without apple id can anyone suggest me what should I do?

jack vocks 354 days ago
I can easily update the IOS now new car circuit coming which is really helpful for us. I can access my Gmail account. if I have an issue go to the site Gmail customer support which provide the best support. it is used in the system.
Lee Mc 354 days ago
I think the weather should stay the same u can not change it as in real life leave it
Albert Diablo 1 year 16 days ago
When will the daily prizes come in?
Gérard VC JB17 1 year 56 days ago
How much time will it take?
Jim Clarke 1 year 79 days ago
But when?
Mclaren Romi 1 year 82 days ago
I used ipad 2,but can't live race and edit livery.....can you help?
chris zwilling 1 year 104 days ago
Pls More Tracks
Milan Kers 1 year 106 days ago
Its may now,when Does it comes ;)
Fabian Gmnwsr 1 year 115 days ago
It's already May now.... I want the new cars. I would understand it when you want do update it with the tracks, but than tell us that, please.
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