New Circuit: Russia

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 16:22

Our ongoing revamp of the race calendar in iGP Manager continues with the introduction of Russia. It's been swapped into the place previously occupied by Turkey in the calendar.

Personally, I really like the Turkish circuit and I know it's a favorite of the community too. The good news for fans of the circuit is that it's still in iGP Manager. Also, as I said in the last blog, we will soon introduce a custom calendar system which will allow league hosts to select the circuits for each league season. While that feature is not in this update, it does mean that any circuits not on the calendar will be able to make a return in the near future. In the meantime, Turkey is still available in Quick Races and will remain in any league seasons already generated before this point.

Russia will be included in all new league seasons that are generated from this point on, and it is available to race immediately in Quick Races.


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Muhamed Trakik 1 year 57 days ago
Hockenheim next?
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Lara Özdemir 1 year 57 days ago
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Andrew Mah 1 year 57 days ago
Can we get Imola from 1994
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Troy Salmon 1 year 57 days ago
Glad to see the bugs fixed
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Sergio Race 1 year 58 days ago
Grande! Mais um circuíto.
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Sávio Henrique 1 year 58 days ago
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David Lyons 1 year 58 days ago
I guess the US GP is next
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tifonee tifonee 1 year 58 days ago
Please, can you place the circuits in the right order? (like in the F1 calendar)
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Muhammad Hammertime 1 year 58 days ago
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Rahman Özer 1 year 58 days ago
Azerbaycan please!
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