New Circuit: Russia

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 16:22

Our ongoing revamp of the race calendar in iGP Manager continues with the introduction of Russia. It's been swapped into the place previously occupied by Turkey in the calendar.

Personally, I really like the Turkish circuit and I know it's a favorite of the community too. The good news for fans of the circuit is that it's still in iGP Manager. Also, as I said in the last blog, we will soon introduce a custom calendar system which will allow league hosts to select the circuits for each league season. While that feature is not in this update, it does mean that any circuits not on the calendar will be able to make a return in the near future. In the meantime, Turkey is still available in Quick Races and will remain in any league seasons already generated before this point.

Russia will be included in all new league seasons that are generated from this point on, and it is available to race immediately in Quick Races.


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Yushan Sm 1 year 58 days ago
Please in #GermanGP Nurburgring circuit change to Hockeinheim circuit
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Ilham Ramadan 1 year 58 days ago
Iya nih
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Daniel Roux 1 year 58 days ago
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Troy Salmon 1 year 58 days ago
Can we have Russian and Turkey?
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iGP Jack Basford 1 year 58 days ago
Regarding all the comments about sessions expiring, I have just applied a fix for this. Please take a look and let me know if it is resolved. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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Fernando Pizzopreza 1 year 58 days ago
add crashes, yellow flags and safety cars please
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Torcha Forced 1 year 58 days ago
What is this session is expired all the time after earning a part?
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Siamo In crescita 1 year 58 days ago
Forse Russia non sarà più in f1
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Lara Özdemir 1 year 58 days ago
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Graeme Osborn 1 year 58 days ago
Great if we ever get to race the track since it takes you for ever to fix the other problems!! And like James said all the other new tracks have already been leaked and the pictures of the races show so its not a real big launch then! But can we please fix the problems first before we bring any of the new tracks in!!
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