iGP Manager 3D FAQ

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 12:27

If you haven’t already, please read the press release announcing the launch of iGP Manager 3D. This is a follow-up Q&A to get some initial questions we are expecting answered. I’ll be very transparent now that the update is launched. Hopefully you can appreciate that we had good reasons to keep iGP Manager 3D under wraps until its release. Not being able to share with you what we were working on was very difficult, but we made it. I will try to answer any more constructive questions we receive as well in another blog, so feel free to submit your questions in the comments or on social media.

Do the cars race each other in iGP Manager 3D?

Yes, cars will now attempt to race wheel-to-wheel and avoid other cars on the track.

We are labelling it racing version ‘1.0’ because there is still much we want to improve and this is only the beginning of a new development path. With our 32 car grids, balanced car development and ballast, plus manager-controlled boost, there are many scenarios where the track can become crowded and overlapping can still occur. When two or more cars determine that an overlap is highly likely or unavoidable, they will ‘ghost’ until the overlap is complete. This is a compromise we are happy with for now, until the racing system evolves further. We want to be very clear that this is the beginning of a new development path and things will only get better.

Also, because of the unique perspective iGP Manager 3D offers, with high resolution onboard and chase cameras, you're going to see a lot more than you could with traditional aerial cameras. Traditional aerial cameras do a good job of hiding simplistic simulations in a lot of manager games. With iGP Manager 3D, we’re beginning the journey of bridging the gap between manager games and racing games. Our long-term aim is to make the viewing experience in iGP Manager equal to that of a racing game. It's ambitious and will take time but this is the necessary first step.

Are there gameplay updates being developed?

Yes. If you’ve been waiting patiently for gameplay updates, they are on the way. The pace of development of iGP Manager this year will be faster than at any point in its history. We appreciate that working so quietly on 3D left long-time managers questioning whether our best updates were behind us. It was actually a sign of just how hard we were working on ensuring that the best is ahead of us.

Tyre balancing, design attributes and more will all come in to focus with upcoming updates. We know this is what our most loyal managers want, so that's what we're going to focus on. The new foundation we can build on with iGP Manager 3D offers much greater scope and potential for all other updates. It isn’t just the visuals that benefit, every area of iGP Manager will be uplifted beyond what it might have been without 3D. The resources we were utilising to build iGP Manager 3D will now be available for all manner of gameplay updates, so expect them to arrive thick and fast throughout 2021!

Is there going to be a TV camera mode?

Yes. We will be releasing an update soon that includes TV cameras for all tracks. Aerial, onboard and chase cams are available now but TV cameras will follow shortly as well.

Is 2D mode still available?

Yes. You can still play in 2D mode by going to your settings and changing your ‘Race Viewer’ preference to ‘2D’.

How to report bugs:

Report all bugs here in the forum thread we have set up for this purpose.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get your issues seen by the developers. We will be active in that thread and the bugs forum generally over the next few weeks.

The 2D game was broadly stable after being online for years. The 3D game is a massive step change that has spent far less time in the hands of gamers and testers. There are going to be challenges. That is normal. We’re not going to be surprised by this or deterred by any criticism, we’re going to keep our heads down and work hard to iron out any issues as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through any challenges the switch presents.

In fact, we’re already working on patches for some things that we’re aware of and expect to release the first patch within 48 hours. More patches will be developed virtually 24/7 going forwards for the next few weeks.


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M S 3 years 55 days ago
I just played a quick race and WOW 3d looks beautiful I was completely gobsmacked how good it looks. Car liveries look stunning and track in 3d looks great. Top view and chase view looks so good. There was no lag at all everything ran butter smooth. I would like to thank the Developer team on the hard work they have put into this.
md-thumbs-up  4  
Robin Yu 3 years 55 days ago
Happy April everyone~
Jimmy Markou 3 years 55 days ago
DRS Zones are ridiculous.If you aren't under 0.300 you cannot overtake anyone in the DRS zones(the ones that have changed to smaller straights for no reason....)
Yuriy L 3 years 55 days ago
Мне понравилось. Но в чемпионатах нужно ставить скорость гонки Х1 и играть одной машиной. Это уже совсем другая игра. Вы убили старую, однако есть большие надежды для новой игры в 3d
Cyril Boillot 3 years 55 days ago
Bon concept mais beaucoup de lag qui ont gâché notre 1ere course 3D dans notre ligue. On roulait au Castellet, on a remarqué que la piste n'etait plus celle d'avant (chicane différente ainsi que l'épingle) c'est voulu ? (Sur certain visuel on voit aussi l'ancienne chicane de Spa, pourquoi pas avoir mis l'actuelle ?)
Patrick Black 3 years 55 days ago
Devs, definitely don't be deterred by (undue) criticism. I quite like the new race view (especially now as it will help with YT highlight videos lol). Bugs and glitches are always to be expected but from the couple of quick races I took part in it ran quite smoothly. Bit of a large file to download and install, but ho hum. Decent update, could do with some optimisation of course, but so could every game. Looking forward to the future updates that make the sim and management aspects better!
md-thumbs-up  4  
Jimmy Markou 3 years 55 days ago
Literally i haven't seen such a bad update like this. We just raced in Bahrain and everything was so buggy. 2D was working better still..... Bugged Leaderboards/Cars/Standings.... Evrything. Please fix it or revert back to 2D.... Also Bahrain's new DRS Zone is the most useless DRS Zone ever....
md-thumbs-up  3  
Kieron Wigglesworth 3 years 56 days ago
What has happened to 09 Silverstone?
md-thumbs-up  1  
Miroslav Nikotic 3 years 56 days ago
WTF did you do?? Are you serious? And on top of it, you removed completely the old version and look? How can anyone possibly like this stupid update? Do you really think that this was the biggest problem with the game? I literally can't believe what you did. I'm still in shock that you would kill the game like this. Good job. Now make some popcorn and watch it die 👏
md-thumbs-up  2  
Will Kitt 3 years 56 days ago
md-thumbs-up  1  
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